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Comment: Re:Advanced western anti-armor rockets for Ukraine (Score 0) 848

by HughJazz (#47779539) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine
Ukrainian ultra natioanlist extremists (which do not represent all Ukrainians) started this fight by violently overthrowing a pro-Russian government in lew of elections (backed by the US I might add). Despite ridiculous attempts to paint them as "victims', anyone that's been following their policies post violent overthrow with regards to minorities knows they are bordering on fascism. This is precisely why Russians stepped in. All Russia is doing is defending interests against a group of violent thugs that finally figured out why dialog and electioins are preferable to violence is a method towards political change. There is always some out there that can fight back.

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by HughJazz (#47776301) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine
What you say is true but someone truly objective doesn't only say the truths that suit them and omit the rest. Ukraine was a democratic (albeit corrupt) country right up to the moment the US helped violently overthrow a pro-Russian government. US media constantly leaving out that "minor" point only further illustrates that there is very real propaganda in US as well. Media has become so centralized in the US that they are now basically all in bed with US government (also see invasion of Iraq for non-existent WMDs). When news starts to be about going "rah rah " rather than reporting objectively on situations-- it ceases to be news and becomes nationalist propaganda.

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by HughJazz (#47776191) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine
An objective assessment (rather the BS they feed us on the news). The narrative that Russia is the bad guy in this instance is American establishment propaganda. The long pattern of bigotry towards Russians post cold war has more to do with the fact Russia is one of the few countries in the world the US cant bully militarily to get what it wants than anything to do with democracy. Long forgotten by US policians and media moguls in bed with them --- the US started this Ukrainian mess by helping violently overthrow a democratically elected pro-Russian Ukrainian government last year. When the US undermines democratic rule to push its interests it loses moral high ground. What did everyone think Russia was going to do after those Ukrainian fascists took over. Sit back and watch as Russians in the Ukraine get persecuted. Anyone that knows anything about the current ultra nationalist Ukrainian government (that is not a synonym for all Ukrainians) would understand they are far closer to fascism than Russia is. Putin is a dirtbag is some respects (e.g. he oppresses gay people) but in this particular issue he;s not int he wrong. Ukrainian ultra nationalists brought this on themselves when they overthrew Ukrainians that were pro-Russian. They could have just waited for elections to elect another government instead of resorting to guns. Once some faction does that, then other factions also gain a right to use force in self-defense.

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Good observation. That hypocrisy has always bugged me. The British government under troll Cameron is clearly anti-EU -- but then calls for unity in Britain! While some people in Britain have begun to identify themselves as purely British (as opposed to using British in a geographic sense) the funny thing about the situation even Cameron himself isn't British. Even the Queen of Gotha herself is of mostly ethnic German ancestry. The term British people came into widespread use after the union of Scotland and England in the 18th century --- neither of which have anything to do with the original Britons (the closest they have to actual descendents are to the Welsh and Cornish). The modern British identity is based on revisionist history. While there is such a thing as British islands in a geographic sense there is no such thing as a British people. Its an invented ethnic group built on assimilation of actual ethnic groups.

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by HughJazz (#47732093) Attached to: Would Scottish Independence Mean the End of UK's Nuclear Arsenal?
Kudos to the Scottish people for wanting to get rid of nukes in a principled fashion. As for an unprincipled British government (which is not the same as the British people), they should be constantly reminded by the media, human rights groups, and foreign diplomats NPT is not about just about preventing nukes in countries that don't currently have them. It's about getting nukes entirely.. If the countries that hypocritically continue to have nukes don't get rid of them, every nation that is part of NPT should eventually withdraw and start planning their own nuclear arsenals to act as a deterrent against countries with WMDs. (the BS argument that government's currently with WMDs use to justify having them 20 years post cold war). Perhaps if more nukes are pointed at the capital cites of nations currently with nukes, the governments of those nations will once again remember that they too are bound by NPT.
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How Drones Entered the FBI's Spying Toolkit 39

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Jason Koebler writes The FBI has had an eager eye on surveillance drones since first experimenting with remote control airplanes in 1995. But budget cuts nearly ended the Bureau's unmanned machinations in 2010, and it took a dedicated push aimed at making drones "a tool the FBI cannot do without" to cement their place in the FBI's surveillance toolkit. The near termination—and subsequent expansion—of the FBI's drone program over the past four years is chronicled in hundreds of heavily-redacted pages released under a lawsuit filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington over the past several months.

Comment: Fair and balanced (Score 2) 299

by HughJazz (#47666131) Attached to: Writer: Internet Comments Belong On Personal Blogs, Not News Sites
Granted most comments are useless but usually there are few gems mixed in. Comments next to an article are a a convenient method to pick apart journalistic claims. Its no big secret the editorial boards of large news organizations massage stories to push larger political agendas rather than stick to objective reporting of relevant facts . Comments will give the side of the story that the editors didn't want to push. It's not that the journalists are always wrong but its important to understand... a. News sources are made up of people b. People can have biases Given most news site now have a comment section arguing they should be moved to blogs is absurd. Won't happen. The real issue censorship of comments. Go to the "the Guardian" or "New York Times" and start slamming leftists. Go to Foxnews and start slamming the right. Watch is yoru comments either get removed or your account does. What's amazing is both organizations claim to be for freedom and against censorship but both constantly do it on when its in their power to do so. Unless someone has broken some law, (e.g. violent personal threat) , spam, or some sort of niche market news outlet (e.g. posting oft topic items harms the quality of service) --- comments should be allowed to stay. Period. By protecting the free speech rights of bigots, sadists, and general all-round -ssholes, we are also protecting our own rights.

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by HughJazz (#47608329) Attached to: Ross Ulbricht's Lawyer Requests Suppression Of Silk Road Evidence

The fact that you think "opponent of government abuse" equals "proponent of Silk Road" speaks volumes. You are the dangerous kind of citizen, who, unable to distinguish between the two, enables the "Think of the Children" approach to rights erosion.

Precisely. Ulbricht is probably guilty but there seems be unpunished crimes going on by the government as well. The claim as to how they found him seems like a cover story. Given Snowden revelations its obvious the government little concern for the law when it comes to privacy these days. If the constitution was being actually followed, those that engaged in mass surveillance would be facing a judge and jail time. Unfortunately because lawmakers are the one's authorizing it, they give themselves a get-out-jail card. If the government was serious about privacy -- it would be putting government officials that violate citizens privacy in prison. *ONLY* prison sentences (to any NSA officials and politicians that violated people's privacy without due process) will show the government is getting serious about privacy. It will make any public official think twice before violating the constitution again. Until then, we will all live in fear of what we do and say using various forms of telecommunication. The government was supposed to protect us against Orwillian threats. Not institute 1984. The people that claim its for our "protection" are not only totalitarian thugs but they are killing American I/T exports. What government of foreign corporation that wants to protect their secrets would be stupid enough to by US technology.

Comment: Hypocrisy (Score 1) 93

American government officials: It's wrong for the Chinese government to engage in mass surveillance Chinese government officials It's wrong for the American government to engage in mass surveillance. Principled people with actual ethics: It's wrong for *any* government to engage in mass surveillance.

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by HughJazz (#47435193) Attached to: Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security
China is right to not trust American tech products but unfortunately China also acts like big brother when it comes to privacy. Chinese citizens are heavily spied on by the Chinese government. All this spying is achieving is balkanizing the tech industry. At the moment If someone wants privacy it's a nobrainer one doesn't buy tech from countries that behave in wholesale spying i(i.e. US, China, GB, and possibly a few more).

Comment: NSA destroying American jobs (Score 1) 143

by HughJazz (#47435147) Attached to: Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security
NSA spies on everyone to "protect" us from tyrants that would spy on everyone. Makes sense. As a bonus the NSA has also done a fantastic job trimming down American tech industry jobs. Given the rampant unrepentant Orwellian spying surely every foreign government and corporation is eager to buy American technology products now.

Comment: 4 forces (Score 1) 73

by HughJazz (#47350825) Attached to: Cambridge Team Breaks Superconductor World Record
Electromagnitism is usually considered the best understood of the four forces but the lack of real progress in room temperature superconducting suggests we have a way to go to understanding even that. It's plausible its not possible but if we really understand EM then the mathematics for its impossibility should exist.

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