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+ - GOG Not Down, Just Reorganizing->

Submitted by HubHikari
HubHikari (1217396) writes "The popular DRM-free retro game site,, recently announced closure, leaving its userbase in the lurch — especially those who had wished to take advantage of the recent CodeMasters game pack. Its departure sparked loads of controversy, but the site appears to have been merely poking us with a stick, and plan to reopen, better than ever."
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Comment: Re:this is Surprising? (Score 0) 247

by HubHikari (#32998620) Attached to: SFLC Wants To Avoid Death by Code

And I know, without a doubt, alcohol is the most deadly drug we have.

Oh really. I would love to see the studies on THAT. Alcohol is only dangerous because we have stupid, stupid people who insist on drinking and {beating their family|driving|deciding to do really dumb shit}. Alcohol, in and of itself, is not dangerous when consumed in moderation. The same can be said of marijuana. However, drugs like crack and PCP are inherently dangerous due to the effects they have on the human body.

Enjoy your self-righteous asshattery.

Comment: Re:Oh goodie (Score 1) 462

by HubHikari (#32918420) Attached to: DRM vs. Unfinished Games

Big giant block of text, most of which is only tangentially related to reality

Okay, buddy. I'm going to assume you're merely trolling for reaction, one I am not going to give you. Your description of the game is so ludicrously off-point w/r/t FMVs opposed to gameplay that I am forced to conclude you played the game with the intent to pick out every little niggling detail you hated. The rest of your post is so out there that I will not engage my brain to give you a rebuttal; instead, I will simply purple monkey dishwasher crank handle.
I am forced to further conclude that you hate good literary works, as "a bad SF B-movie" is far from accurate. At least, if you're playing a female Shepard. Male Shepard's voice-acting, I will admit, is thoroughly horrid.

Comment: Re:Oh goodie (Score 1) 462

by HubHikari (#32917890) Attached to: DRM vs. Unfinished Games
Haters gonna hate, eh? You use the quotes because you're the kind of guy who thinks he is the arbiter of games. "A few minutes running from place to place" is the worst description of the game you could have ever devised, right above Jack Thompson raging against it for the "alien sex extravaganza" (paraphrase mine). The combat sequences in ME1 could have been done better, I will freely admit, and ME2 solved it. It also did not eliminate the need to think, as you claim.

Fallout 3, one of the pioneers of stupid DLC tricks?

Tell me more. I'm not sure I quite follow you. What "stupid DLC tricks" did Fallout 3 present?

Comment: Re:Oh goodie (Score 1) 462

by HubHikari (#32917102) Attached to: DRM vs. Unfinished Games

I used to buy every game from Bethseda...I pirated every game of them since... Bioware? Same deal. I only get burned once. These companies have no hope of every restoring confidence with me again. Ever.

Re: Your Bioware silliness. Mass Effect 1, Mass Effect 2, and Dragon Age: Origins. Consider your confidence restored, you're very welcome, thank me later.
Re: Bethesda. Fallout 3. Again, consider your confidence restored, you're very welcome, thank me later.

Comment: Re:Sounds like a plan (Score 1) 222

by HubHikari (#31872312) Attached to: Porn Virus Blackmails Victims Over "Copyright Violation"

So you call the cops, transfer the money, find out who is on the other end, have the law and credit card agencies come down hard on them.

You forget something. The installer for the virus explicitly says that it's going to do exactly what it does. The user agrees to have their information published on the Web. You don't have a legal leg to stand on.

+ - Art Clokey, Creator of Gumby, Dies at 89->

Submitted by HubHikari
HubHikari (1217396) writes "Art Clokey, the man responsible for the 35-year phenomenon known to us as Gumby, and a pioneer of stop-motion claymation, is dead at 89. Every form of clay animation, from student films to Wallace and Gromit, owes at the very least, spiritual inspiration to him. He will be missed, but never forgotten."
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Comment: Pathetic (Score 2, Insightful) 1364

by HubHikari (#29808085) Attached to: Legal War For WA State Sunshine Law

And to split hairs, homosexuals currently have the right to marry. A homosexual man can marry any woman who sees fit agree, and a homosexual woman can marry any man who sees fit to agree. As a heterosexual man, I do not have the right to marry any man. Seems pretty clear and equally applied. Man marries Woman.

You make me sick. Homosexuals currently have the right to marry....only within the context already defined. They do not have the right to marry the person they love. You do.

Comment: Maybe not (Score 0) 166

by HubHikari (#28197077) Attached to: Google, Yahoo!, Apple Targeted In DoJ Antitrust Probe
MLNN, if you think about it, a non-compete is a good idea, IF you happen to be in a sensitive position. If you worked for Google for a number of years and had an intimate knowledge of how their searching algorithm worked, would the brass really want you going to Yahoo with that knowledge being current? It would reduce Google's effectiveness as a company, and what's more, that's their proprietary data, which you might then pass on to another company.

Comment: Re:Main mistake they made? (Score 1) 587

by HubHikari (#26492761) Attached to: Circuit City Closes Its Doors For Good

Hell, I'll give another vote for Microcenter. I visit the one in Orange County, CA.

I also love that MicroCenter carries a ton of Mac software. Apple Stores have gradually gotten rid of most of the third-party software titles and replaced them with iPod cases and other crap.

The guys--at least back in the Mac section--are knowledgeable--never really had them shrug their shoulders and say, "I dunno..."

Well, we do try to carry a wide selection of merch; unfortunately, that does tend to include a selection of crap, like you've noticed.

Comment: Re:Main mistake they made? (Score 1) 587

by HubHikari (#26492531) Attached to: Circuit City Closes Its Doors For Good

Do you do any work ?? At my local Microcenter ( Nassau county NY ) all the sales people seem to try and stick a freaking label on anything I have in my hand. And when I do ask a question , they just read the freaking box and say "I dunno"

The fucked up part is that I keep going back.

Even tho the last 3 or 4 times I left without buying anything.. Even though I entered with the plan on spending money.

Yeah, I do work. It's unfortunate that the guys up there are driven totally by their commissions (pay is derived in large part from what they sticker), but most of the people in my store are pretty good about knowing their stuff. I work Gaming, personally, so I get paid hourly regardless of what I do. So I'd be the guy who'd chill with you for 20 minutes talking about the latest motherboards, GFX cards, games, what have you. What sucks, though (and this is back-end stuff), is that people being driven to sell stuff means no merchandising gets done during the day, meaning the bulk of it has to be done at night.

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