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Hoyty1's Journal: First non contract job? 1

Journal by Hoyty1
I find myself at an impasse. Two job offers on the table, one for less money with a smaller company that seems really fun and interesting and would build me a fine set of experiences in entry level development. Or be a NOC Zombie in a fresh start up initiative for more money than I've ever made with high possibility of advancement.

Both give full and impressive benefits and are close enough to my home that I could spit on them. So it may be time to flip a coin, go with the money, or go with the interesting experience.
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First non contract job?

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  • If it was me, I would go with the fun and interesting job.

    I'm content with living within my means and having a modest lifestyle. Money isn't as important at the moment because I'm still living at home. I guess it depends on your values/plans for the future.

    I desperately crave some mental stimulation or challenge from my work rather than the endless SOE installs and fixing the same IT support issues day in, day out.

    All the best.

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