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Comment In other news... (Score 0) 256 256

Government funds rebuilding the power grid infrastructure because vast quantities of wind power destablizes grid. And in other, other news, government funds development of massive grid-level storage batteries because quantities of wind power are generated at the wrong time of the day for utilization.

Comment The bigger loss.. (Score 2) 85 85

Is the gradual re-purposing of the Lawrence Hall Of Science from a museum explaining the history of nuclear research to just another science museum presenting dinosaurs, earthquakes and global warming. LHS used to be a unique historical resource. "Concerns about radiation" and political correctness turned it into a generic and politically correct science museum.

Comment Re:Libertarian nirvana (Score 1) 534 534

It's not a contracting issue, it's misuse of the system. If there needs to be a cross-jurisdiction government body, they should do what's been done for years, form a special district. There's tens of thousands of special districts across the US, administering sewer systems, water systems, even mosquito control. All with board directors subject to citizen review and recall.

Comment Re:Libertarian nirvana (Score 1) 534 534

It would be a libertarian nirvana if it were followed through to it's logical conclusion. Which would be holding the corporation and officers directly responsible for their actions, both criminal and civil. But that's not what they have or want. They want the secrecy of a private corporation along with the myriads of legal protections that a police force has.

Comment Way too much money for the local economy to finish (Score 1) 123 123

The Tri-Cities (Richland-Pasco-Kenniwick) area has been dependent on the Hanford project for prosperity forever. There is absolutely no local motivation to complete the cleanup when thousands semi-skilled workers are making $40/hr+ +benefits. The project will certainly be dragged out until every possible drop is drained from the milchcow.

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