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Comment Proprietary malware is nothing new. (Score 1) 575

No proprietor can be trusted, that's what the free software movement has been telling us for decades. It's not at all surprising that a company which has been distributing proprietary malware for a long time continues to do so. Only people who think they know an OS by running it for a long time or want to believe that a proprietor-supplied control would truly protect one's privacy from the proprietor would believe otherwise.

Comment Let's not conflate RMS's views with the FSF's. (Score 1) 39

Just to be clear: The questioner asked if the "FSF will endorse TPP opponents" and the parent response answered in the affirmative them went on to describe how Richard Stallman (RMS) did this. But RMS is not the FSF and vice versa; RMS endorsing candidates isn't the same as the FSF endorsing candidates. I've never seen the FSF endorse a candidate and I don't know of anything that would lead me to believe the FSF will endorse a candidate for a political race anywhere. I'm pretty sure this separation between himself and the FSF is important to both the FSF and RMS, and why RMS maintains his own website and posts some articles there expressing his own views including the text "This is the personal web site of Richard Stallman. The views expressed here are my personal views, not those of the Free Software Foundation or the GNU Project." on the front page of

Comment The Democrats are looking at (Score 1) 309

the Republican Clown Cars or recent elections and are working hard to eliminate non-serious candidates who have zero chance.

I wonder how President Lessig would react to a terrorist attack in the US? How would he cope with Russia, China, and the Middle East in general? What were his plans for spending and funding? Did he even give any thought to that?

Did he ever consider that he might be faced with responding to a nuclear attack, and the standard US response to such a thing?

Comment an âoeeye in the skyâ could read my lic (Score 1) 373

Nope. The best orbiting telescopes have a ground resolution in low earth orbit of about 5 cm. That's looking straight down in early morning when the atmosphere is least disturbed. Reading a license plate would require higher resolution and looking through much more atmosphere.

Comment From the article you didn't read (Score 3, Informative) 64

When United does include this code in correspondence, all but the last three characters are replaced with asterisks. The same is true with Unitedâ(TM)s boarding passes. However, the full Mileage Plus number is available if you take the time to decode the barcode on a boarding pass.

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