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Comment: Re:Cinema is Dying (Score 1) 33

by HornWumpus (#48444207) Attached to: DreamWorks Reveals Glimpse of "Super Cinema" Format For VR Films

Unless cell phone jammers are legalized the movie theater is over. 'Enjoying' is the key word.

They are feeling the pressure and mostly fixed the seats. Now if they only had a way of shutting idiots up. Triangulating microphones and tasers built into the seats? First it lights a shut up LED on the seat in front, then it buzzes, then it hits the talkers crotch with 1 million volts.

Comment: Re:Helium shortage (Score 1) 112

Gas fields don't completely stop producing. They become uneconomic. The gas they produce doesn't cover the operation cost and they are capped.

If helium was rare and expensive the helium rich capped fields would be opened up again.

That said, for markets to work price must be set on the market. The current system of selling helium at a fixed price has got to change, if only to incentivise helium capture.

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