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Comment: Re:I kind of agree (Score 1) 287

You have not known many dangerous coders. They aren't bright or skilled. But they are confident.

It takes a level of skill to know what you don't know. A certain level of humility to always keep backups of data.

I know a lady who hacked up a spreadsheet to calculate commissions and overrides (comish for sales managers). Regional manager was supposed to get (regional rate - manager rate - sales rate) * sale$. Manger was supposed to get (manager rate - sales rate) * sale$. Sales was supposed to get sales rate * sale$. They all got their rates with no deductions. She also didn't keep any detail. She gave a lot of blowjobs (figurative and literal) to keep her job. Dangerous coder.

Comment: Re: I kind of agree (Score 1) 287

Go try to figure out what percentage of your day-to-day activities depend on accounting of some sort now and then try to make the comment that "accounting" is not important for "the majority of really important stuff" in an intellectually honest way.

Does that mean we should teach kids double entry bookkeeping in grade school?

Comment: Re:Wait for further developements (Score 1) 215

by HornWumpus (#49800723) Attached to: Chinese Nationals Accused of Taking SATs For Others

A Chinese friend and I were discussing Chinese women.

He told me I shouldn't bother. Any Chinese woman I could get anywhere with had already learned English and was ruined. Might as well just date Americans.

His wife has been living in America for over 20 years and speaks no English, his kids speak unaccented Cantonese.

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