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Comment: Re:Trolling the rich (Score 2) 177

Not their worry. They would just ban the 4chan account.

The worry is TMZ buying in and lurking for years without disrupting.

More basically this will never work. The rich didn't get rich by pissing money away on truly brain dead things. That's for their grand-kids to do.

Comment: Re:Part of the defamed "e-waste" culture (Score 1) 53

by HornWumpus (#47946707) Attached to: Inside Shenzen's Grey-Market iPhone Mall

You need to get out more. Tinkerers still tinker. You couldn't stop us with explosive tamper resistant enclosures. Yes I'm old, but I know lots of kids who also wrench their cars. Go to an autocross event or a drag race.

These days you upload a new fuel map to your ECU. But it's not fundamentally different from changing jets on a carb.

Although the moon is smaller than the earth, it is farther away.