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by HornWumpus (#47567907) Attached to: seL4 Verified Microkernel Now Open Source

Intel x86 systems management mode (SMM). If you can beat the processor into this mode all protected memory is off. You own it all, like DOS/MacOS prior to X.

This is also the mode that motherboard manufacturers put the CPU in, to hide the fact that they are using the processor to save money on hardware.

Undocumented OP codes are a bitch.

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You speak as though insanity isn't a predictable outcome of decades of speed use and abuse. I also have limited sympathy for those who cook their livers with booze. No enabling.

I suspect he had gotten over his cravings for popularity when he started writing novels about pink lasers putting thoughts into his head?

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'Confessions of a Crap Artist' is also good. Though a partial retelling of that other one who's name escapes me. The guy who almost wiped out the earth then lived among the survivors.

'Counter Clock World' was interesting, in a 'Martian Time-Slip' kind of way..

I think the 5 volumes of his collected short stories was a good book purchase. Roog was a great short story about an insane dog.

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