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Comment Re:Solution: Embrace an actual free market (Score 1) 249

Right now I can get a predictable ride with a car in front of my house in 10 minutes. When you're on a 7:30 AM flight, how much extra time do you have to shave $5 off a ride that cost $20 to begin with and is at least a third less than a cab ever was?

I don't know, how long in advance do you know that you'll be taking the flight? Since the flight is travel itself, did you decide to fly on it at 6:30 AM of the same day? If not, and you decided to fly at least a few days in advance, why not order both at once?

Comment Re:Probably 15.0 kW, not 150 (Score 1) 106

If you're actually using around 2 kW on average (seems quite atrocious to me), it seems that you'd probably save a lot of money by running your AC from rooftop solar (unless there's some kind of glitch like red tape or extortionist pricing in the local market). Besides the power, you'd be shading the building somewhat.

Comment Re:We had one, it was called the Shuttle. (Score 1) 71

What's wrong with co-operation?

Proton explosions? Fobos-Grunt not even leaving LEO? Nauka being ten years late to the game? It's like in school, if you have to be paired up with someone for some activity, there will always be people who perhaps wouldn't be your first choice unless your teacher or circumstances forced you.

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