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Comment Re:Don't be too proud (Score 1) 369

I'm agnostic about nuclear energy. I think it's a necessary, if transitional energy source that should be used. But under no circumstances should private industry be in charge. Energy is just too important for the private sector to run.

yeah lets allow the department of homeland security run it, i wanna see what color they use for nuclear fallout on their color charts.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 242

marinol is not anything like real thc in my experience. it gives you a real bad haze on your vision. i took a few of those when i my friend with HIV had it prescribed to stimulate his appetite. and i would rather smoke a joke then take those damn things any day. it feels almost unclean and does not give you the body buzz most people smoke for, only the head buzz that's rather uncomfortable almost like schwag weed(but no seeds:P). to say i can get it without any trouble is a god damn joke too btw prescriptions have to be validated by the attorney general of the state, and to say that big pharma had nothing to do with the ban and then offer a big pharma alternative to the drug IS SO FUCKING FUNNY.

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