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Comment: Re:Buyout value is now ... (Score 1) 51

by Holistic Missile (#45837931) Attached to: Partially Censored Database From Snapchat Intrusion Released

Apparently not much, at least not to stockholders:

Back the time window up to 12/13-12/17. I would wager the small dip in value was seen as an opportunity to buy, especially in the Christmas season. Also, one of the the wonders of automated trading.

Comment: Re:The 8086 is 16-bit (Score 1) 829

by Holistic Missile (#45760411) Attached to: Microsoft's Ticking Time Bomb Is Windows XP

Thanks for all of that information. In any case, it is kind of fun running 30 year old software at the start of a class to show the beginnings of the spreadsheet...

By the way, you can download a working copy of Visicalc from Dan Bricklin's website:

(It is really just a curiosity at this point...)

Comment: Re:What 8-bit software on XP? (Score 1) 829

by Holistic Missile (#45760139) Attached to: Microsoft's Ticking Time Bomb Is Windows XP

I actually ran Visicalc directly on Windows thru XP and even Vista, at the beginning of any Excel training that I've done for the last 15 or so years, until I no longer had a 32-bit OS to run it on. The copyright notice says (c) 1978-1981; I'm pretty sure it was 8-bit PC XT software, and it ran directly on Windows thru Vista, as long as it was a 32-bit OS.

It is an interesting way to start out the class, and it's fun to point out that what you get for ~$100.00 has sure changed! Now I have to run it on an emulator, due to Windows 7+ only being offered in 64 bit versions.

+ - Hidden Message from Weather Service

Submitted by Holistic Missile
Holistic Missile (976980) writes "CNN Reports a hidden message from the folks working (without paychecks) at the NWS in Anchorage:

"Sometimes, it pays to read between the lines. At least that may be the message --and, more accurately, the hope — of workers at the National Weather Service office in Anchorage, Alaska.

The message can be found in an official forecast put out at 5 a.m. (9 a.m. ET) that seems, at first glance, routine with its discussion of air pressure, wind speeds and weather systems.

But if you line up the first letters of each word from top-to-bottom in the forecast, under the heading "Analysis and Upper levels," there's something else there: P-L-E-A-S-E-P-A-Y-U-S...."

The text of the forecast is on their web page. Some of the comments in the story's discussion are rather interesting, including a few people sending their own similar messages."

Comment: ADempiere (Score 1) 163

by Holistic Missile (#44955761) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Open Source CRM/ERP System For a Small Business?
Definitely worth a look. Open source version of Compiere - ERP/CRM and more. You don't mention what line of business you are in, but this is a flexible system you can tailor to your needs. I am in the process of implementing it for a hobby (photography) that has recently become (if accidentally!) profitable. Postgresql backend, native client and web client. Great price, too - free (as in beer and speech)!

Support is available, as well.

Comment: Re:Sending all my email as CAPTCHAs. (Score 1) 286

... I just need to come up with a captcha program that will do an entire paragraph.

Try one of the 'ransom note' fonts that are available, and save your document as a JPEG. That may be enough obfuscation to make OCR difficult/unreliable. Of course, you can type up your paragraph first, then change the font. Much easier on the eyes (and the mind) while typing!

Comment: Re:A screen (Score 3, Funny) 185

by Holistic Missile (#44783985) Attached to: California Legislature Approves Trial Program For Electronic Plates

oh well, I was worried that our ex governors have nothing to brag about anymore. See that one right there? I did those plates, the way I made the R's look just right

Post modified for those of us here in Illinois...

"What do you have in the Blagojevich signature series? How about Ryan? Walker? Kerner?"

Comment: Re:Laissez Faire?? (Score 1) 192

Thanks. I did some more research on it, and realized that I misunderstood the problem when I first read (skimmed?) the article. It seems they were using strongarm tactics to coerce the publishers into charging higher prices to their competition. I don't use iAnything, and really have no idea how big Apple's book store is, or how many e-books they sell. My library system has quite a selection of e-books for checkout, and I prefer to do that over buying them, anyway.

Comment: Re:Don't have a problem with cosumers stuffed (Score 2) 192

Sorry, I initially misunderstood the problem - I was cooking dinner and more or less skimmed the article. I was thinking they were colluding to enable them to fix their prices at a higher price point, then it dawned on me that they were colluding to raise the publisher's prices to other vendors so they could undercut them, and using strongarm tactics to do it... Thinking a little slow tonight - had a reading comprehension fail! :-)

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