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Comment: Regardless who Norad partners with. (Score 1) 58

by Holi (#48667845) Attached to: The History of the NORAD/Microsoft and Google Santa Trackers

Regardless who Norad partners with, I will use them. Why you ask? That's easy, they have the radar. I am pretty sure Google is just making stuff up as I don't think they have the radar facilities that the US and Canada have. So when I want to reliably track that red suited bastard, I'll ask the guys who actually know.

This year I got some new Starstreaks to replace my FIM-92j's, I'm pretty sure I'll shoot him down this time.

+ - Thunderbolt rootkit vector

Submitted by Holi
Holi (250190) writes "Attackers can infect MacBook computers with highly persistent boot rootkits by connecting malicious devices to them over the Thunderbolt interface.

The attack, dubbed Thunderstrike, installs malicious code in a MacBook’s boot ROM (read-only memory), which is stored in a chip on the motherboard. It was devised by a security researcher named Trammell Hudson based on a two-year old vulnerability and will be demonstrated next week at the 31st Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg.

More at PCWorld"

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