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Comment: Re:Laughably wrong. (Score 1) 386

by HoldenCaulfield (#48701005) Attached to: The One Mistake Google Keeps Making

The incentive for me is I can do other things. When I drive, I focus on driving and the radio/podcast/audio book. If someone, or something, else drives, I could read a real book, nap, do email, play games, whatever.

As others have mentioned, it also greatly reduces a huge point of failure in the whole driving thing . . . driver fatigue, human error, etc. No more opening the window in freezing temperatures and sipping on the 5th cup of gas station coffee to make it to your parents for the holiday . . .

Comment: Re:What's new about this? (Score 2) 129

Argh, correct link for the blink(1) Kickstarter -

Purchase link: (out of stock, was $30)

The BlinkStick mentioned in the original is $16

The Dream Cheeky was $10 (I think I paid 9 on a woot sale)

Comment: What's new about this? (Score 2) 129

There was a kickstarter, blink(1) a little over a year ago that did the same thing - (and in a nicer package).

I wanted something similar (visual cues for meeting reminders; my "email" system is on a KVM with other "dev" systems). I ended up getting the Dream Cheeky 815 USB Webmail Notifier ( - the thing is designed for email notifications with webmail, but there's an Apache License 2.0 driver and helper app (, which worked fine to drive the thing - the little command line app that uses the driver had enough functionality (gradual on, color change, and blink) that I didn't need to write any real code.

A little macro scripting, and it was working fine with Outlook.

A little bigger that the other solutions, so maybe not great for a rack (though it's probably about 1U so it would work fine), but works nice sitting on my desk under my displays . . .

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