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Comment: Re:What's new about this? (Score 2) 129

Argh, correct link for the blink(1) Kickstarter -

Purchase link: (out of stock, was $30)

The BlinkStick mentioned in the original is $16

The Dream Cheeky was $10 (I think I paid 9 on a woot sale)

Comment: What's new about this? (Score 2) 129

There was a kickstarter, blink(1) a little over a year ago that did the same thing - (and in a nicer package).

I wanted something similar (visual cues for meeting reminders; my "email" system is on a KVM with other "dev" systems). I ended up getting the Dream Cheeky 815 USB Webmail Notifier ( - the thing is designed for email notifications with webmail, but there's an Apache License 2.0 driver and helper app (, which worked fine to drive the thing - the little command line app that uses the driver had enough functionality (gradual on, color change, and blink) that I didn't need to write any real code.

A little macro scripting, and it was working fine with Outlook.

A little bigger that the other solutions, so maybe not great for a rack (though it's probably about 1U so it would work fine), but works nice sitting on my desk under my displays . . .

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