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Comment Re:Sounds great! (Score 1) 146 146

With few exceptions, driving slower saves gas, so that gay boy should get a credit for gas saved.

One of the exceptions is low speeds, i.e. ones similar to a typical urban hiptard cyclist.

The 55 mph speed limit on US interstates was introduced during an oil shortage. It's not a coincidence.


Critical BIND Denial-of-Service Flaw Could Take Down DNS Servers 52 52

alphadogg writes: Attackers could exploit a new vulnerability in BIND, the most popular Domain Name System (DNS) server software, to disrupt the Internet for many users. The vulnerability affects all versions of BIND 9, from BIND 9.1.0 to BIND 9.10.2-P2, and can be exploited to crash DNS servers that are powered by the software. The vulnerability announced and patched by the Internet Systems Consortium is critical because it can be used to crash both authoritative and recursive DNS servers with a single packet.

Video Urthecast Brings You Earth Images and Videos from the ISS (Video) 16 16

Most of us probably won't ever visit the International Space Station (ISS) and look down at the Earth (motto: "The only planet we know has beer, so let's not ruin it"). Looking at pictures and videos made by cameras mounted on the ISS is about as close as we're going to get. There's already an ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment on Ustream, but Urthecast is putting out higher-definition images than what you see on Ustream, and has plans to put out even clearer images and video before long. While Urthecast is likely to accumulate plenty of "oohs" and "aahhs" as it rolls along, according to CEO Scott Larson their real objective is to sell imagery -- and not necessarily just from the visible light band of the overall spectrum -- to industrial and government users. People like us are still invited to look at (and marvel at) lovely images of our planetary home.

NOTE: Today's video is about 4:30 long. If you want to watch and listen to more of Mr. Larson, we have a second "bonus" (Flash) video for you. Or you can read the transcript, which covers both videos.

Comment Re:Doesn't help criminals (Score 1) 293 293

But young kids nowadays have Unicode smiley's to work with.

Does Unicode have a special character[1] for an apostrophe that shouldn't be there because nothing belongs to the smiley, or at least if it does it hasn't been mentioned in the sentence?

[1] Or whatever it is they call them. Avatars, or flavorchords, or somesuch poncy shite.


Tools Coming To Def Con For Hacking RFID Access Doors 27 27

jfruh writes: Next month's Def Con security conference will feature, among other things, new tools that will help you hack into the RFID readers that secure doors in most office buildings. RFID cards have been built with more safeguards against cloning; these new tools will bypass that protection by simply hacking the readers themselves. ITWorld reports that Francis Brown, a partner at the computer security firm Bishop Fox, says: "...his aim is to make it easier for penetration testers to show how easy it is to clone employee badges, break into buildings and plant network backdoors—without needing an electrical engineering degree to decode the vagaries of near-field communication (NFC) and RFID systems."

Comment Re:Correct link to TRA (Score 1) 119 119

Google developers do not understand how to design APIs.

Or UIs.

It's all halo effect. I think Google got search right (or less wrong than everyone else at the crucial time - just when AltaVista tried to turn into a portal and became utter poo) and have pretty much ridden that, with financial and reputational cross subsidies, ever since.

Sooner or later they'll run out of credit, one kind or the other.

Comment /|\ Double degree economics & English. At DeV (Score 1) 151 151

I'm willing to bet it's a smaller amount of people who want a physical keyboard than those who don't. In which case, you're not a profitable enough segment for the companies who make phones

You're saying that only the most popular option is profitable? I guess that explains why there isn't, and never has been, a manufacturer of absolutely anything at all that produces two different models.

P.S. People aren't sand. It's number with a countable noun, not amount .

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