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Comment Re:MOOC = Massive Open Online Course (Score 1) 108

"User Acceptance Testing" is the birth of UXtadation. It's focused on users blindly using a thing with no training and assessing how they feel.

If that's the case then they've hijacked the term.

As I said, it was in use long before the UX fad. It meant, funnily enough, the project phase where the actual users, not the developers and consultants, test and (with luck) accept it. Sometimes they have different ideas from their betters on how things should work...

It could also mean a system dedicated to that purpose in a typical DEV, TST, UAT, TRN, PRD landscape.


Dell Brings 4K InfinityEdge Display To XPS 15 Line, GeForce GPU, Under 4 Pounds (hothardware.com) 78

MojoKid writes: There's no doubt that Dell's new XPS 13 notebook, when it debuted earlier this year, was very well received. Dell managed to cram a 13.3-inch 3200x1800 QHD+ display into a 12-inch carbon fiber composite frame. Dell has now brought that same InfinityEdge display technology to its larger XPS 15, which the company boasts has the same footprint as a 14-inch notebook. But Dell didn't just stay the course with the QHD+ resolution from the smaller XPS 13; the company instead is offering an optional UltraSharp 4K Ultra HD panel with 8 million pixels and 282 pixels per inch (PPI). The 350-nit display allows for 170-degree viewing angles and has 100 percent minimum Adobe RGB color. Dell also beefed up the XPS 15's internals, giving it sixth generation Intel Core processors (Skylake), support for up to 16GB of memory and storage options that top out with a 1TB SSD. Graphics duties are handled by either integrated Intel HD Graphics 530 or a powerful GeForce GTX 960M processor that is paired with 2GB GDDR5 memory. And all of this squeaks in at under 4 pounds.

Comment Re:MOOC = Massive Open Online Course (Score 1) 108

You're very clever, ho ho.

However I've seen plenty of stories here that used an acronym with more than one meaning, and even in context it wasn't immediately clear which one it was referring to.

If you're Stephen King a bit of mystery is fine. If you're trying to write a factual article it's just annoying.

Comment I'm 37. I'm not old. (Score 1) 325

A team can simply have a "external liaison" hat that somebody has to wear, and whoever is currently assigned that function does the "explaining to the suits what is possible and what isn't."

Looks like they should take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week.

Do you think that all the decisions of that officer should be ratified at a special bi-weekly meeting?

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