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Comment Re:Soviets actually bought IBM machines (Score 1) 75

I'm intrigued as to what the inputs to this algorithm were. You know, garbage in = garbage out and all that. Especially given that (I assume this predates genetic tests and ultrasound) things like roundness of the bump or which tit itches most have been proven again and again and again to be utter bollocks.

Also, don't they have neutral colours there?

I really wonder about Russians sometimes, and not just when they have elections.

Comment Re:I don't get it,... five a day? (Score 1) 379

Or as we used to say back in the 80's[1], lunch is for wimps. Still made me giggle.

Flavor is an impediment to Productivity(tm). Concern for presentation is an impediment to Agility(tm).

There's the basis of a rap in there somewhere.

1] 1980s, before any fixiejockeys chime in.

Comment Re:I don't get it,... five a day? (Score 1) 379

The military have been using MREs and similar things for over half a century, which all taste awful but not as bad as your allies' ones. Similar items exist for disaster relief agencies & hikers.

This isn't a solution looking for a problem, it's a solution looking for a problem that's already been solved.

The Internet

EFF Coalition Announces New 'Do Not Track' Standard For Web Browsing 73

An anonymous reader writes: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, privacy company Disconnect, and several other organizations are publishing a new DNT standard. Partners in the coalition include: publishing site Medium, analytics service Mixpanel, AdBlock, and private search engine DuckDuckGo. Thought it's still a voluntary policy, the EFF hopes the new proposed standard will provide users better privacy online. "We are greatly pleased that so many important Web services are committed to this powerful new implementation of Do Not Track, giving their users a clear opt-out from stealthy online tracking and the exploitation of their reading history," said EFF Chief Computer Scientist Peter Eckersley. "These companies understand that clear and fair practices around analytics and advertising are essential not only for privacy but for the future of online commerce."

Comment Re:Sounds great! (Score 1) 162

With few exceptions, driving slower saves gas, so that gay boy should get a credit for gas saved.

One of the exceptions is low speeds, i.e. ones similar to a typical urban hiptard cyclist.

The 55 mph speed limit on US interstates was introduced during an oil shortage. It's not a coincidence.

Where are the calculations that go with a calculated risk?