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Comment: Re:Hilarious! (Score 1) 220

by Hognoxious (#49802109) Attached to: Chinese Nationals Accused of Taking SATs For Others

it is useful to be able to see that an answer is obviously wrong

In another place I was just discussing this very thing with someone; he insisted that process of elimination was cheating.

instead of doing a lot of math to see if the number is right, just take a few seconds to see if the units are right

Related skills - ballparking - high eighties times low nineties will be close to 8100, and last digit analysis - blahblah4 times yada3 must end in 2.


Chinese Nationals Accused of Taking SATs For Others 220

Posted by samzenpus
from the grades-for-pay dept.
Vadim Makarov writes: Fifteen Chinese nationals living in the U.S. have been charged with creating an elaborate scheme to take U.S. college entrance exams on behalf of students. For the past four years, the accused provided counterfeit Chinese passports to impostors, who sneaked into testing centers where they took the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and others, while claiming to be someone else, according to a federal grand jury indictment. Special Agent in Charge John Kelleghan for Homeland Security Investigations of Philadelphia said: "These students were not only cheating their way into the university, they were also cheating their way through our nation's immigration system."

Android M Arrives In Q3: Native Fingerprint Support, Android Pay, 'Doze' Mode 83

Posted by timothy
from the sleep-beats-death dept.
MojoKid writes with yet more news from the ongoing Google IO conference: Google I/O kicked off this afternoon and the first topic of discussion was of course Google's next generation mobile operating system. For those that were hoping for a huge UI overhaul or a ton of whiz-bang features, this is not the Android release for you. Instead, Android M is more of a maintenance released focused mainly on squashing bugs and improving stability/performance across the board. Even though Android M is about making Android a more stable platform, there are a few features that have been improved upon or introduced for this release: App Permissions, Chrome Custom Tabs for apps, App Links (instead of asking you which app to choose when clicking a link, Android M's new Intent System can allow apps to verify that they are rightfully in possession of a link), NFC-based Android Pay, standardized fingerprint scanning support, and a new "doze" mode that supposedly offers 2X longer battery life when idle.

A Tool For Analyzing H-1B Visa Applications Reveals Tech Salary Secrets 122

Posted by timothy
from the sifting-and-stacking dept.
Tekla Perry writes: The golden age of engineers is not over,' says a French software engineer who developed a tool for mining U.S. Department of Labor visa application data, but, he says, salaries appear to be leveling off. Indeed, salary inflation for software engineers and other technical professionals at Google and Facebook has slowed dramatically, according to his database, and Airbnb and Dropbox pay is down a little, though Netflix pay is through the roof. The data also shows that some large companies appear to be playing games with titles to deflate salaries, and Microsoft is finally offering technology professionals comparable salaries to Apple and Google. There's a lot more to be discovered in this interactive database, and researchers are getting ready to mine it.

Ways To Travel Faster Than Light Without Violating Relativity 226

Posted by samzenpus
from the greased-lightning dept.
StartsWithABang writes: It's one of the cardinal laws of physics and the underlying principle of Einstein's relativity itself: the fact that there's a universal speed limit to the motion of anything through space and time, the speed of light, or c. Light itself will always move at this speed (as well as certain other phenomena, like the force of gravity), while anything with mass — like all known particles of matter and antimatter — will always move slower than that. But if you want something to travel faster-than-light, you aren't, as you might think, relegated to the realm of science fiction. There are real, physical phenomena that do exactly this, and yet are perfectly consistent with relativity.

Comment: Re:F/OSS reality (Score 1) 167

by Hognoxious (#49789369) Attached to: Mandriva Goes Out of Business

IBM T40. No Sound or WiFi on Windows 7. Both work fine on Scientific & Kali.

Asus Eee. Everything works on both, but the touchpad configuration utility (which was excellent on XP) doesn't work on 7.

Clevo D900T: Had problems getting sound on both Win 7 and CentOS driver didn't install by default. Can't get WiFi to work on either. Can't find a GeForce driver that will install on Win 7, so only get full resolution on Linux.

So for me Linux wins more often than it loses in the driver game.

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