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Comment Re:pros and cons (Score 1) 188

WW2 went on for 6 years, and you got roughly two generations of planes. I suspect a modern war against a proper opponent might not go on long enough to actually produce new models - you'll fight with what you've got at the start.

P.S. I'm not talking about the scenario where it's over in a few hours.

Comment Re:He has a track record of such things (Score 1) 703

You can't really separate the two. If the two things dbIII (701233) mentioned go tits up it's an inconvenience; you use ifconfig and the like, you do without sound until you reboot.

However if something as major as your init system breaks you could well end up with an unbootable system. Having someone who's known to be a bit of a cowboy fiddling with that doesn't sound prudent to me.

The Military

F-35 To Face Off Against A-10 In CAS Test 188

An anonymous reader writes: Lara Seligman from Defense News reports that the capabilities of the Joint Strike Fighter are to be evaluated for close-air support (CAS) missions. She writes, "To gauge the joint strike fighter's ability to perform in a close-air support role, the Pentagon's top weapons tester has declared the sleek new fighter jet must face off against the lumbering A-10. The Pentagon's Office of Operational Test and Evaluation plans to pit the full-up F-35 against the legacy A-10 Warthog and potentially other fighter jets to evaluate the next-generation aircraft's ability to protect soldiers on the ground."
Open Source

Linux Kernel 4.2 Released 105

An anonymous reader writes: The Linux 4.2 kernel is now available. This kernel is one of the biggest kernel releases in recent times and introduces rewrites of some of the kernel's Intel Assembly x86 code, new ARM board support, Jitter RNG improvements, queue spinlocks, the new AMDGPU kernel driver, NCQ TRIM handling, F2FS per-file encryption, and many other changes to benefit most Linux users.

Comment Re:unicameralism (Score 1) 243

The terminology for upper and lower case didn't even exist before the printing press was reinvented in Europe

Clearly that terminology didn't exist, since that derives from the boxes printers kept their type in. However the concept did, as can clearly be seen here: Perhaps you're thinking of the Romans?

I never saw much sense in mixing majuscule and minuscule scripts to denote proper nouns or the start of a sentence.

I never saw much sense in referring to things that don't pee, either standing or sitting, as "he" or "she". But I doubt the French and Italians will invent a neuter gender for my convenience.

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