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Comment Re:what is with this regular propaganda on slashdo (Score 1) 183

if you resist education here (because keeping people dumb has always been a winning approach) they simply import workers form [ITYM "from", you flid] elsewhere or outsource the entire division

And they won't do that anyway because it's cheaper?

Or the missing missing option, bring H1-Bs in.

Comment Card Index (Score 2) 95

I vaguely remember seeing a behind-the-scenes thing many moons ago about a UK soap - might have been EastEnders - and it was all notebooks and card indexes.

Oh, and the Homer thing might have been a joke. Some companies give the closest parking spaces as an incentive to the best employees. Homer was lucky he didn't have to drive away from the plant.

Comment Re:What is that? (Score 1) 183

He's a blithering imbecile. You can be sure that he's either exaggerating, has totally misunderstood the issue, or is just plain making shit up.

Have Dice found a buyer yet? Hopefully he'll be be in the dumpster along with schwit1 (who might actually be the same person - they're both equally crap in similar ways).

Input Devices

Ask Slashdot: Do You Press "6" Key With Right Or Left Hand? 240

New submitter ne0phyte73 writes: In some countries and in some touch typing books key "6" is pressed with right hand and in some others with left. It's not a big issue until you have a split keyboard. Guys at UHK are putting it on the left side. Do you agree? What hand do you use to press "6"? Left hand here, but it's not a strong preference; I'll take a keyboard that omits Caps Lock wherever they put the 6.

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