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Twitter Shuts Down JSON API and Names New CEO 94

An anonymous reader writes: This month Twitter is closing down the JSON endpoint API which thousands of third-party software and plugin developers have depended upon for years. The alternative Rest API offers data which is aggregated or limited in other ways, whilst the full-featured share data offered by Gnip (purchased last year by Twitter) can cost developers thousands per month to access — in one case up to £20,000 a month. The general objective seems to be to either drive users back to the core Twitter interface where they can be monetized via the social network's advertising, or to regain lost advertising by converting open source data — currently utilized a lot in scientific research — into premium information, offering the possibility for well-funded organizations to gain reputations as Twitter barometers without ever needing to expose the expensive, accurate share figures. The company also announced today that co-founder Jack Dorsey would be the new CEO.

Comment Re: Military 'service' nothing but paid murder. (Score 1) 387

When I was a kid there was a brand of tinned vegetables called Smedley, so yes, if he'd gone to my school he'd probably have had the mick taken out of him slightly.

Smedley pe[ea]s in a pan, dirty sod so's his gran!

They got bought by HP I think. No, the other one.


Daimler Tests a Self-Driving Truck On the Autobahn 114

Engadget reports that Daimler has tested an autonomous truck in one environment guaranteed to put stress on any car: the German Autobahn. While the Mercedes Actros truck was guided with a mix of "radar, a stereo camera array and off-the-shelf systems like adaptive cruise control," there was a human crew on hand, too, just in case. From the article: This doesn't mean you'll see fleets of robotic trucks in the near future. Daimler had to get permission for this run, and the law (whether European or otherwise) still isn't equipped to permit regular autonomous driving of any sort, let alone for giant cargo haulers. Still, this could make a better case for approving some form of self-driving transportation.

Comment Re:If that's how Pokemon Int'l treats its fans... (Score 1) 209

So long as he doesn't make anything up, there is no possibility of additional suits for such activity (this isn't Britain!).

I don't have the benefit of your immense legal education, so please explain why that makes a difference.

Some citations would be nice.

The trouble with a lot of self-made men is that they worship their creator.