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Hubble Reveals a Previously Unknown Dwarf Galaxy Just 7 Million Light Years Away 54

Posted by timothy
from the hey-neighbor dept.
The L.A. Times reports that the Hubble Space Telescope's ongoing survey work has discovered a dwarf universe a mere 7 million light years away: While only just recently discovered using Hubble's Advanced Camera for Surveys, the galaxy known as KKs3 has been around for a long while. Astronomers led by Igor Karachentsev of the Special Astrophysical Observatory in Karachai-Cherkessia, Russia, showed that some 74% of KKs3’s star mass was formed in the universe’s early years, at least 12 billion years ago. Most of the tiny galaxy’s stars are old and dim, making it a fascinating fossil that could help astronomers understand what ancient galactic environments looked like.

Romanian Cybersecurity Law Will Allow Warrantless Access To Data 58

Posted by Soulskill
from the what-happens-in-romania-stays-in-romania dept.
jfruh writes: The Romanian Parliament has passed a bill that will allow its security services widespread access to data on privately owned services without a warrant, and once the president signs it, it will become law. The law would have widespread impact beyond Romania because the country is a hub for IT outsourcing.
The Military

DARPA Wants Help Building a Drone That Flies Like a Hawk 40

Posted by timothy
from the why-not-spiders-like-in-minority-report dept.
DillyTonto writes DARPA has put out a call for ideas on how to build a fast, autonomous, maneuverable UAV that can fly up to 45 mph, navigate without assistance from humans or GPS into and through buildings that are a labyrinth of stairwells, small rooms, narrow hallways and terrorists. DARPA wants this drone to fly like the bird in this awesome hawk POV video that shows it shooting through gaps narrow enough it has to tuck its wings to get through. If you can watch the video without thinking of the forest moon of Endor, there may be some movies you should watch over the holidays.

Comment: Re:As Russian (Score 1) 263

by Hognoxious (#48669973) Attached to: Serious Economic Crisis Looms In Russia, China May Help

There's a reason why Eastern territories of Russia are sparsely populated. The chief reason is that it simply makes no sense to live there.

Presumably that wasn't case until fairly recently, or there'd be one hut instead of a few hundred.

Are these sparsely populated areas of Canada (which we all knew about, thanks) full of formerly thriving ghost towns? Outside of areas where there were gold rushes the answer is "no".

Did you actually read my post before replying?

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