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Comment: Re:HOA approvals (Score 4, Informative) 735

by HogGeek (#42287229) Attached to: Solar Panels For Every Home?

It may be a state to state thing, but here in Colorado:

Colorado law (C.R.S. 38-30-168)

  Associations are not permitted to prohibit the installation of solar panels on a unit or property which is owned by a member of the association. Any such prohibition in the governing documents of an association is void and unenforceable.

Comment: Re:jobs (Score 1) 582

by HogGeek (#37288712) Attached to: Age Bias In IT: the Reality Behind the Rumors

"However, any time the screening process is handled by H/R or non-technical management people, I rarely even get my foot in the door"

This suggests you need better inter-personal skills. Try joining a speaking group like toastmasters, or find local social groups in your area. Not only is it good networking, but you may pickup how non-technical people perceive you.

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