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+ - Seymour Papert recovering from brain inury->

Submitted by
Hobart writes "Professor Seymour Papert — inventor of the Logo programming language, "Mindstorms", and inventor of the Constructionism learning theory behind the OLPC project, was struck by a motorbike 19 months ago and has been recovering from traumatic brain injuries ever since.

Financial assistance can be sent via postal mail to the PO Box listed at The Learning Barn. There was a site registered for donations at "seymourpapertrecoveryfund dot org" but the registration has lapsed and been taken by a squatter."

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GNU is Not Unix

+ - FSF launches Free software job listing site->

Submitted by
Hobart writes "The FSF is going up against Monster and Craigslist with a twist — they're only listing jobs where you'll be working on FLOSS software.

From their announcement: "The FSF wants to help you live the dream and that's why we've launched a brand new free software jobs page at http://www.fsf.org/resources/jobs . You and other free software hackers now have a new place to look for jobs; a place that only lists jobs directly related to free software...Starting in May, ads will be available for $250 for a thirty-day run. But for the month of April, it's free (as in beer) to list your ad.""

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+ - Progress report on open-source nVidia 3D drivers

Submitted by
Hobart writes "The holidays bring two updates on the nouveau project's continuing efforts to provide a Free 3D driver for nVidia GPUs — Phoronix's Nouveau: A First Look (cached) has a quick overview, with some screenshots of the tools being used in the development effort, and the official project newsletter TiNDC #10 (cached) covers items the developers are looking for help on. Hopefully by next year we'll be free of the problems associated with the closed binary drivers."

+ - Bjarne Stroustrup on The Problem with Programming

Submitted by
Hobart writes "MIT's Technology Review has a Q&A with C++ inventor Bjarne Stroustrup. Highlights include Bjarne's answers on the tradeoffs involved in the design of C++, and how they apply today, and his thoughts on the solution to the problems. From the interview: "Software developers have become adept at the difficult art of building reasonably reliable systems out of unreliable parts. The snag is that often we do not know exactly how we did it""

Nothing in progression can rest on its original plan. We may as well think of rocking a grown man in the cradle of an infant. -- Edmund Burke