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Journal Journal: Coming soon: $100 Hand-crank powered Linux Laptop?

Technocrat.NET mentions an IDG News report that in November, Nicholas Negroponte's Media Lab at MIT will unveil a $100 laptop prototype, targeted largely at developing countries. Various specs: 500Mhz CPU, stripped down Linux OS, screen highly visible in sunlight. This seems similar to the Freeplay Foundation hand-crank shortwave radios, hopefully they will have a similar "Buy 1 Give 1" program. Sign me up!
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Journal Journal: RMS offers to leak Harry Potter plot

Richard Stallman has just posted on his personal website a request for his readers to "Don't Buy Harry Potter Books", and offered to leak the plot - in protest of the Canadian Supreme Court ruling forbidding the purchasers from reading the books they paid for. A memorable quote in the Times article says "...There is no human right to read."

It is much easier to suggest solutions when you know nothing about the problem.