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Comment: Re:What if there isn't any truth out there? (Score 1) 93

by tyen (#47123685) Attached to: Hunt Intensifies For Aliens On Kepler's Planets

The numbers work out for habitat-stealing if interstellar travel involved some quirk of technology that made dropping back into a gravity well somehow attractive at the end of the trip.

From what we can extrapolate given our current rudimentary state of technology, we think that if you can work out interstellar travel, then Iain Banks' popularized Culture series take on the matter is probably correct: that is, interstellar travel necessarily solves space habitat issues as a precondition. And once you have an interstellar-travel-grade space habitat, it is only the eccentrics who want to drop back down a gravity well.

Comment: School Missed An Opportunity Here (Score 1) 1010

by tyen (#45600257) Attached to: EV Owner Arrested Over 5 Cents Worth of Electricity From School's Outlet
The school could have stepped in and said they have informally allowed it (thus graciously letting this guy off the hook), but now that it has become a big deal, they'll print up $30 per year tags to hang on the rear view mirror that gives parents the right to charge during school operating hours. Win for the school: they get to tap a small revenue source (but every little bit helps), and get to look progressive with parents that have the disposable income to choose EV's. Win for the parents: they get to top off during school events that they attend.

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by Alex Belits (#45547701) Attached to: Microsoft May Finally Put Windows RT Out To Pasture

Oh but they tried that in the past -- those products had a consistent result of killing the whole market segment then themselves.

1. Windows CE PDAs -- almost completely replaced healthy PDA-oriented OS due to Windows name, then wiped out the first generation of non-phone PDAs due to being absolutely inadequate in all ways possible. Survivors were iPAQ (Windows CE/Mobile), Palm (PalmOS), Visor (PalmOS), Blackberry (Blackberry OS, a phone but from PDA generation).

2. Windows Mobile phones -- sold to carriers, disappointed users, lost all market to dumbphones and Symbian-based Nokia, then completely wiped out by iPhone.

3. Windows Phone phones -- Survive by being produced by zombified Nokia, can't get any presence on the market due to iPhone and Android competition.

4. Windows RT tablets -- No one bought them in the first place.

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by Alex Belits (#44530469) Attached to: Microsoft Will Squeeze Datacenters On Price of Windows Server

If anything, competition from Microsoft causes people to hastily add features and polished look while infesting their products with boatloads of bugs and painting themselves into a corner as far as technology development is concerned. The best projects are those that ignore Microsoft completely, Linux among them.

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by tyen (#44278953) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Level Network Devices For Home Use?
Are you talking about something like a bench top supply, or just a high quality AC wall wart adapter replacement? If the former, sure they'll supply clean power for the price, but if the latter, please post some brands that you have had good experience with over the years. These days if I'm lazy I'll just order one from adafruit, or just grab the first switching wall wart adapter that meets my specs from mouser or digikey; are there specific brands that are known for high quality, reliability, and durability?

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by Alex Belits (#44258237) Attached to: Giving GNOME 3 a GNOME 2 Look

what they could have done was not had GNOME 3 as an option or had them as exclusive options.

And that would create a massive mess of dependencies in weirdest places, along with a burden of supporting software that can not even be built and tested while some other software is installed, thanks to name conflicts. No, after this kind of sabotage by the original developers, the code is for all practical purposes dead.

Gentoo actually supports old packages (or at least did for a long time), however dependencies and lack of active development make it at best suitable for transition. The problem is, there is nothing to move to in the first place, new versions of GNOME are not going to be usable for the foreseeable future.


To Counter Widespread Surveillance, Stealth Clothing 104

Posted by timothy
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In Paul Theroux's dystopian novel O-Zone, wearing masks in public is simply a fact of life, because of the network of cameras that covers the inhabited parts of earth. Earthquake Retrofit writes with a story at the New York Times describing a life-imitating-art reaction to the perception (and reality) that cameras are watching more of your life than you might prefer: clothing that obscures your electronic presence. "[Adam Harvey] exhibited a number of his stealth-wear designs and prototypes in an art show this year in London. His work includes a series of hoodies and cloaks that use reflective, metallic fabric — like the kind used in protective gear for firefighters — that he has repurposed to reduce a person’s thermal footprint. In theory, this limits one’s visibility to aerial surveillance vehicles employing heat-imaging cameras to track people on the ground. He also developed a purse with extra-bright LEDs that can be activated when someone is taking unwanted pictures; the effect is to reduce an intrusive photograph to a washed-out blur. In addition, he created a guide for hairstyling and makeup application that might keep a camera from recognizing the person beneath the elaborate get-up. The technique is called CV Dazzle — a riff on 'computer vision' and 'dazzle,' a type of camouflage used during World War II to make it hard to detect the size and shape of warships."

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