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+ - 30th Anniversary of the Wow! Signal

Submitted by Himring
Himring (646324) writes "Today marks the 30th anniversary of the single most significant event, to date, that points to possible evidence of ETI. On this day in 1977, Dr. Jerry R. Ehman circled data retrieved from the "Big Ear" radio telescope of the Ohio State University Radio Observatory. The telescope has since been destroyed, and although other, modern telescopes have tried (such as the VLA) none of have successfully reproduced the results of that day. By and large, all possibilities of an earth-based signal causing the event have been ruled out as well as any possible natural phenomenon. Still, Dr. Ehman has remained reserved and stated that he doesn't want to draw, "vast conclusions from half-vast data." Here is the link to Dr. Ehman's 30th Anniversary Report."

+ - MPAA Kills Anti-Pretexting Bill

Submitted by Himring
Himring (646324) writes "Wired has a story about a bill which died in CA thanks to the MPAA. SB1666, which would have stopped the practice of lying — I mean "pretexting" — in order to gain private information about someone. "The bill won approval in three committees and sailed through the state Senate with a 30-0 vote," but suddenly was stopped by the powerful MPAA who stated, "We need to pose as someone other than who we are to stop illegal downloading."

So, with bills such as this getting killed, how will HP execs be brought to justice? "Lying" seems to mean different things according to which side of the law you are on. Martha Stewart served time in a federal pen, not for any stock violations, but for simply, "lying to federal investigators." Now, the MPAA can lie to me and you in order to find out if we are downloading copyrighted materials.

Apparently, the MPAA has gone so far as to pay hackers upwards of $15,000 to hack into email account of torrent users. This is all under the aegis of "pretexting.""

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