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Comment Re:BMI is a poor tool (Score 1) 425

From your linked article:

The results of our study, involving a large sample from the US population, demonstrates that BMI has a limited diagnostic performance to correctly identify individuals with excess in body fatness, particularly for those with BMI between 25 to 30 kg/m2, for men and for the elderly.

Comment Show a warning (Score 1) 115

I have a printer that uses outdated crypto sitting on a VLAN only accessible from by internal computers. Because the powers that be have decided that it's insecure, I have to turn off https.... I just want to make sure that my recipe printed from my tablet before hauling my butt from the kitchen to the office.

Show a scary warning or something. But slightly weak crypto is better than pushing people to not use it.

Comment Re:Yesterday's news (Score 1) 234

The difference there was the large change in a nonprofit being bought out by a for profit conglomerate with largely different goals. I am sure if it was bought out by a conglomerate Bezo or anyone else owned there would still be negative reactions. Being the scandal ridden Murdoch - News Corp, was just an added target for people to be upset at.

Comment Unpractical (Score 5, Insightful) 120

For this attack is great if you have to identify the model/gyroscope and have done testing to get a value of the resonant frequencies of the gyroscope before hand and send a sound loud enough to disable it. 140 Db causes permanent hearing damage and that only makes it effective to 40 meters. I hardly think a system that deafens everyone in a large radius to take down a drone for the off chance that you even know the frequency to disable a drone is hardly practical. And if like the ones tested in the article you can attach a speaker to the device before hand, I doubt you even need to think about a system like this to disable the drone.

Comment Missing the big picture (Score 5, Interesting) 330

False accusations suck, but that's not even it's primary use. But it would be naive to not consider the ramifications beyond. It could mean that search results for Tienanmen Square or Falun Gong could be missing world wide because Chinese law bans results for those pages in their jurisdiction. Every country wants their laws to apply to everyone else, but doesn't think of the consequences then of having to apply everyone else's laws to themselves.

Even more so, seems silly that the remedy to a false accusation is to delist a page from a search result. Seems that libel statues would apply that you should direct at the content publisher not the search engine.

The world will be a much scarier place if we don't have freedom of speech because some people could tell lies.

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