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Comment Re:Here we have a "no-fault" system. (Score 1) 276

And no responsibility either?

No, if it's reckless driving or other criminal behavior, then the crown will sue in criminal court. It's a societal choice we made, like all choices they have drawbacks. And like all systems, there are freeloaders...

I agree with you, we must be able to fire bad employees. I've worked with my share of bad employees, and nothing is worst than working with morons.

Comment Re:And I know something about that. (Score 1) 276

Here we have a "no-fault" system. If you get hit by a car, you cannot sue the driver for damages. But the state will sue the driver in criminal court(I think that part is the same in the USA). But sometime it really sucks, because some very bad and reckless drivers should be sued for all they've got. On the other hand, if it's really an accident, you won't be sued by grieving relatives and you won't have to spend a fortune defending yourself.

Why would the employer should pay? While I understand that he's responsible for the employee, he cannot control the employee all the time. If the employer is always responsible, it means he must control his employees to make sure they don't cause traffic accidents. That opens the door to a lot of scary things that are against about every one of your constitutional rights...

Why would I start a business if one employee can wreck my business if he doesn't behave correctly? Unless you can prove it's because of the company(too much work, overstressed employees, etc.) or the vehicle(bad breaks, low visibility, etc.) that the person hit you, then the person should pay, not the company.

Comment Re:Yes and no (Score 1) 276

Yep. Our system isn't perfect. Those are fringe cases, that's why they make the news. Outliers don't define a system.

And from the article you cited: "The bad news is I didn't have to wait for anything, because you don't have to wait when it's a serious issue," he said. Still, people can wait for months, or even years, for elective surgery."

And I know something about that. My gf had troubles with her knee, she had to get surgery. She waited 16 month before she got it. It wasn't an urgent situation, just inconvenient. Now the situation is better and the average wait in Québec for elective surgery is 6 month. It was a choice, either she pays to get the operation right now (15k$) or she waits. She chose to wait. In Québec you can get a private insurance to cover certain procedures(cataracts, knee surgery, etc.), but no one does. It's too expensive for too little benefits.

Comment Re:Dammit, BMI != fat in all cases (Score 1) 661

"The BMI can also be used as a predictor for BF%. Several studies have demonstrated a good relationship between the BMI and the amount of body fat if age and sex are accounted for. When using such age- and sex-specific equations perfect body fat can be predicted with an error of 3-5%, an error comparable with the prediction error of skinfold thickness of impedance measurements."
Handbook of obesity: etiology and pathophysiology
George A. Bray, Claude Bouchard

I don't know if the BMI in the article accounted for sex and age. But the correlation between BF% without age sexe varies between 0.6 and 0.8. High enough to take in consideration.

Comment Re:Yes and no (Score 2, Insightful) 276

Well, if it's like in Québec, we still have to pay for college. It's very subsidized, so we pay a little less than 2k$ a year. The loans are there so you can concentrate on your studies instead of working full time. Most people will work part time though.

And we can choose our health care. The only difference is that the doctors are paid by the state instead of by me. Only my doctor can make health care decisions, not a faceless bureaucrat or a CS rep from an HMO. And because there's no administrative overhead(about 1% instead of 30% in the USA) it's less expensive.

But I won't lie to you, if you have the sniffles and go to an emergency room, you're gonna wait a long time. You should go to a clinic(free also) for these minor conditions.

English second language here, so don't mind the grammar/spelling....


First Human Embryonic Stem Cell Study Approved 139

dogmatixpsych writes "The FDA recently approved a privately funded study where human embryonic stem cells will be transplanted into subjects with complete spinal cord injuries. All trials will be paid for and conducted by researchers working for Geron Corporation. The stem cells come from the existing lines Pres. Bush approved federal funding for in August 2001. With Barack Obama now president, many scientists believe federal funding will soon become available for embryonic stem cell research on new cell lines, resulting in additional similar studies."

Is Open Source Software a Race To Zero? 729

gozunda writes "My company is an open source software vendor/developer. We maintain a popular open source project and keep ourselves afloat by producing commercial products derived from or extending the value of the core project. Over time we've seen our business model eroding as other open source projects produce free versions of the same extensions and utilities that are our bread and butter. Something that was worth $5K last year is suddenly worth $0 because the free version is just as good as the paid. This same cycle is obviously having an impact on pure-play commercial software vendors. Is open source ultimately a race to zero? In ten years will there be any cost associated with commodity (non-custom) software? If not, will there still be a 'software industry' as it exists today, or will software simply be a by-product of the operation of other industries? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? As a professional developer, do I need to fear this or feed it?"

Slashdot's Disagree Mail Screenshot-sm 126

Usually persistence is an admirable quality. There comes a time however when you reach that fine line between endeavoring to persevere, and drunk dialing your ex-girlfriend. The mail this week is from people who don't know when to say when. You have to admire their determination and feel a little bit bad that they don't have anything else to do. Read below to see how many times someone can click send in a day.

Comment Re:My Honeymoon (Score 1) 155

Now, give him some slack.

If his wife is like my gf, she needs more sleep than him. And I guess he doesn't need to be with her when she's taking a long bath. I don't think that he was sneaking off but rather using this time to email.

If you're always 100% of the time with your wife/gf, I have very little hope for your relationship. ;-) needy needy needy :-D

Have a nice day!

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