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Comment: Re:Thanks, assholes (Score 1) 573

by Hillgiant (#48748937) Attached to: Gun Rights Hacktivists To Fab 3D-Printed Guns At State Capitol

Most of the "3d gun" nutters are specifically printing the lower receiver. Under US law, this is the only part of the gun that is licensed. The rest of it is all accessories. What these nutters are doing is printing the unlicensed receiver and then installing regular gun parts around it. In clear violation of the law, I might add.

Comment: Re:Story is BS. Make it Right cards aren't that bi (Score 1) 131

by Hillgiant (#48660223) Attached to: Comcast's Lobbyists Hand Out VIP Cards To Skip the Customer Service Wait

The entire premise is wrong. Why should some customers have a secret handshake that grants them reasonable levels of customer service? Why can't everyone get this level of service? Or, more to the point, why doesn't everyone get this level of service?

Comment: Re:Like many inventions ... (Score 2) 250

by Hillgiant (#48651671) Attached to: The Magic of Pallets

Yes, actually. There is a niche in the logistics business of moving pallets from where they are unloaded to where they are loaded. Also, as others have indicated, there are cottage businesses associated with refurbishing and recycling damaged/end-of-life pallets.Some are just stacked. Fancy operations will strap them into pallet sized cubes.

Comment: Re:While I hate the media circus... (Score 0, Troll) 265

by Hillgiant (#48301263) Attached to: Ferguson No-Fly Zone Revealed As Anti-Media Tactic

Slow down sparky. The First Amendment doesn't have the "In order to maintain a well regulated militia"-type clause.

Moreover, even thought the First Amendment clearly forbids Congressional abridgment of the Press, the Supreme Court has allowed multiple exceptions.

So. Take your pocket copy of the Bill of Rights and put it back in your pocket. Grownups are talking.

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