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Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 51

You're really not using that right, there. You can feign injury if you want, but that doesn't change the fact that there have been zero new federal gun regulations in over a decade now, regardless of your level of incredible paranoia. Your friend MH42 accidentally found an actual fact on the matter and showed us a link to one proposal that never made it to the floor, but ultimately no new regulations have been passed and nothing vaguely resembling the laws that you and you ilk insist the public should be so "vigilant" - ie, paranoid - about has even been suggested.

Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 51

You ask for an answer, I offer one, and you don't like it.

I described precisely why your "answer" was not an answer at all. You are fear-mongering like few others on this matter. I know you are a big fan of conspiracies and all, but this one has even less factual support (indeed, none at all) than most.

It's almost as though you are impossible to please with truth.

I am a big fan of truth. I highly recommend you try the truth some time.

Comment Contradictions, thy name be smitty (Score 1) 5

(a) I was pointing to a VDH piece.

Indeed, and you even cited it properly. I hope you won't be quizzing me later on who this "VDH" guy is as I had never heard of him before.

More so, you certainly didn't give any indication that you disagree with what he wrote.

(b) VDH (not me) offers a pledge for "all liberal celebrities, business people, and politicians". He subsequently offers an example involving a cleric.

If you don't agree with it, then why did you post it without saying there was a part of it you didn't agree with? The rest of it certainly falls well within the realm of many of your "arguments", so why would anyone expect that you would disagree with some part of it?

Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 51

Wait, wait, wait: what does the amount of regulation have to do with anything?

Were you not trying to claim that the media was trying to use their position to (somehow) bring about gun regulations? If we want to talk in sheer volume - say in terms of words describing the law(s) - then sure more severe regulations could be accomplished with very few words. However, it is highly unlikely that anything significant will happen any time soon.

In other words, your just paranoid.

Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 51

I'm simply answering your question regarding "What is it people are afraid of".

No, you really didn't answer it. You said you fear what you fear because you fear what you fear. That sounds like a strange mash-up of FDR and Xzibit, and does not resemble a rational explanation for living in a state of paranoia turned up to 11.

Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 51

That is at best circular logic, although really it is a bit of an insult to circular logic. You are insisting that something should be feared because you fear what the people who told you to fear it told you it might be able to do. Again, you are just as rational to run around with deep-rooted fears of unicorns.

Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 51

You still haven't answered what on earth people are so afraid of, with no action having been taken for decades. The fear exists primarily as an engine of profit generation, and it works great there.

In other words, you are missing the point completely. Your friend smitty is so in love with the fear that he denies there to be even a possibility of a point existing; you however are so far not even looking for it. Based on your previous track record of making shit up out of thin air to try to further your "argument" I expect you will follow this up with more fantastic utter bullshit.

Comment Re:"why is it that no new gun control has happened (Score 1) 51

It takes longer to buy Sudafed than it does to buy a gun. As someone who had purchased both in New York State I know that for a fact. Hell it takes vastly longer to purchase and register a car than it does to buy a gun. It is even more work to adopt a dog from a shelter than it is to buy a gun.

This is precisely the sort of irrelevant factoids,

Just because you don't like facts doesn't make them "irrelevant factoids". You claimed that guns are

among the most highly regulated segments of the economy.

And I pointed out many segments of the economy that are vastly more regulated than guns. Hell, to extend it even further you are allowed to buy as many guns as you can afford, but if you buy Sudafed twice in a month you will likely be answering (at least) a phone call from the FBI.

The first and second amendments remain invariant.

Nothing in the past decade has been proposed that has come even close to challenging either of those, and for that matter gun ownership doesn't have anything at all to do with the first and is only weakly associated with the second.

The job of unwinding American liberty is going to be achieved through debt, decadence, and entitlements, not these frontal assaults

You're full of hyperpartisan bullshit on that line. The greatest "unwinding" of liberty that our government has laid upon us in the past century came in the immediate wake of 9/11, and did not bring "decadence" or "entitlements" with it.

The universe seems neither benign nor hostile, merely indifferent. -- Sagan