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The Military

Submission + - Nanofoams Could Find Use in Better Body Armor (

Zothecula writes: Given that scientists are already looking to sea sponges as an inspiration for body armor, perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised that foam is also being considered ... not just any foam, though. Unlike regular foam, specially-designed nanofoams could someday not only be used in body armor, but also to protect buildings from explosions.

Submission + - What's up with VMware? (

Brandon Butler writes: "In some people's eyes, VMware has had a tough past couple of weeks.

In the last week of January, the company revealed through a financial filing its plans to lay off 900 employees and exit some business units. The same day, the company's revenues missed forecasts pontificated by financial analysts, causing the company's stock to plummeted 27%. To top it all off, the tech company's chief technology officer announced he's leaving VMware to pursue a venture capitalist career, less than six months after the company had a shakeup in the CEO role.

So, what's going on with VMware? Once the pre-eminent hypervisor company in a market it practically invented, analysts say a series of moves during the past 18 months have reset the dynamics of the market. VMware — which storage giant EMC owns a majority stake of — still holds a leading position, but Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor is quickly gaining momentum.

"There really isn't any reason to fear that something drastic is going to happen to VMware," says Stuart Miniman, who tracks the virtualization market for the Wikibon Project. "At the same time, it's not a bad time for customers to re-evaluate their choices, given the increasing maturity of other products on the market. vSphere is still a solid choice, but there are other options to consider, and some may be a more attractive price-point.""


Submission + - Ayatollah's Granddaughter Bypasses Censors to Join Facebook and Criticize Iran (

An anonymous reader writes: Censorship doesn't work too well in Iran since millions of people use VPNs, including Ayatollah Khomeini's own granddaughter, who has 5,000 Facebook friends and says Iran "should stop fearing the transfer of new communications technology."


Submission + - Special Story - Behind the Invention of the Digital Camera (

Iddo Genuth writes: You might not have heard his name but you can be sure you have used his invention and watched countless images created by it for well over a decade. recently had the opportunity to interview Steven Sasson – the inventor of the digital camera to learn more about the invention that changed our world.

Submission + - Healthcare is not a right of man in the Bill of Rights ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: This may be news to a lot of you and someone needs to tell Obama and Pelosi. Healthcare is *not*, I repeat, NOT a right on man in the Bill of Rights.

We need to do some serious rethinking here people, serious!


Submission + - Maintain privacy by poisoning the privacy well ( 1

Boawk writes: Can we protect our privacy by flooding the internet with false information about ourselves?

It’s the last approach that really interests me: Pollution. Poisoning the data stream. Putting out enough false information that the real information becomes unreliable. At that point, anyone wishing to know the truth about me has to come to me directly, allowing me to control access. It’s hardly a perfect option — the untrue things can be permanently connected to you, and it does kind of make you hard to trust online — but it’s the one approach to opacity that’s purely social and extremely difficult to stop.

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