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Comment: Re:Servers ran out of memory (Score 2) 71

by Hero Zzyzzx (#39265285) Attached to: Gate One Brings Text-mode Surfing To the Web, Quake-Style
My assumption that it was completely client side was wrong, of course. There's a python backend that probably handles a lot of the heavy lifting. . . yeah, not going to enter my username/password into this demo, sorry. It does look great, though, and I may look at a self-hosted install.

Comment: Re:But deep-tissue massage in the classroom is OK. (Score 5, Informative) 333

by Hero Zzyzzx (#37813552) Attached to: A Silicon Valley School That Doesn't Use Computers

My 11 year old daughter has attended a Waldorf school practically since birth and, while there are definitely uber-hippies and a few anti-vaxxers, her school is nothing like you describe. Waldorf schools reflect their leadership, and if nuts are in charge the school is nutty (like every organization, really). There is none of this deep tissue crap, none of this anti-wifi hysteria - please don't paint all Waldorf schools with the same brush because they aren't all the same. It's been a great education and my daughter does just fine with computers - and has even programmed a little python on an OLPC. For some reason - probably because they end up loving to learn and haven't had creativity beaten out of them - many Waldorf kids end up going into the sciences. They end up fine, because appropriate things are taught at appropriate times.

The play focus in preschool is totally appropriate - and IS learning. At that age, kids need to learn how to interact with each other and solve their own problems as peers, and play (and storytelling, another huge part of early Waldorf education) is one of the best ways of "teaching" that. It lays a foundation for kids that're able to interact in healthy ways and solve problems on their own. How many smart people have you met that're unable to deal with interpersonal problems or even minor conflicts?

Anyway - I am not a blinder wearing Waldorf fanboy. There are some wacky things (Eurythmy? hokay. . .), but the end results of a good Waldorf school are hard to argue with. They end up being well rounded, centered kids who by and large kick ass in high school and end up happy.

Comment: Re:Much better than a netbook (Score 2, Interesting) 227

by Hero Zzyzzx (#36668304) Attached to: WebOS Chief: Don't Fret Over TouchPad Reviews

LOL wut? My asus 1215n has a dual core Intel D525, a gorgeous 12 inch display at 1366x768 and gets a solid six+ hours on the battery. It is the best portable computer I've ever owned, and I've owned many in 15 years. I do wish it had faster mechanical storage, but that can upgraded. Running debian stable, I pretty much never feel like I'm waiting on my hardware.

Perhaps you need to update your knowledge of the current state of netbooks?

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