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by Totenglocke (#31377868) Attached to: Microsoft "Courier" Pictures

It will have great promise and hope that will be dashed as soon as you try to use the thing. Sort of like a Democratic majority in Congress....

Flawed analogy - rational people actually expected the iPad to be useful before we found out the details. I've yet to meet someone rational who actually expected anything worthwhile from a Democratic majority in Congress.

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An anonymous reader writes "We that read and post here are lovingly referred to at as "slashtards"; original, I know, but if you've noticed a surge in trolling, and general petty disagreements for baseless reasons, it's a good bet you can figure out where it's coming from. These guys pick a different linux forum to "raid" every so often, and I guess its Slashdot's turn.

Just an fyi and heads up.,2193.0.html"

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That does not compute.