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Comment: Do it enough times (Score 1) 149

by HermMunster (#46729581) Attached to: NSA Allegedly Exploited Heartbleed

If you know about it and have access to virtually unlimited resources you can afford to attach to your target and do it as many times as you want in order to get what you want.

And, frankly, I don't believe the guy that claims responsibility for the bug.

As well, if something this simple could cause such an issue then clearly it is an issue for lots of other important security programs.

Comment: Re:April Fools? (Score 5, Insightful) 274

Whether they are joking or not, regardless of their claims, the activity of the NSA is a violation of the constitution. It matters not what the FISA court says or what they believe it should be. It is a civil rights violation and they have been breaking the law. Without a warrant any collection of data is a violation of the 4th amendment. The purpose behind the 4th amendment was to stop general warrants, of which, the NSA activities qualify.

Comment: Re:Lame duck President (Score 1) 316

Seriously, we have an retired ex-head telling the President to ignore what the commission stated. Makes sense seeing as he's the man that likely instituted many of these programs to begin with. And he says we'll appreciate them after the next attack? Seriously? After the next attack? It is pointless to have them if they don't stop the next attack.

Comment: Re:make my day... (Score 1) 453

by HermMunster (#45599139) Attached to: The Desktop Is Dead, Long Live the Desktop!

It is dead except for every other place on the planet besides where these reporters seem to be. OK, report, but analyze first. Cut the diatribe. Why would there be a decline? BECAUSE THE CONSOLES HAVE JUST BEEN RELEASED (and were long anticipated) and people only have so much income to spend on this shit. You can also blame it on EL CHEAPO HP PRODUCTS, AND THE AWFUL WINDOWS 8(.1). Intel hasn't done shit for years. We've seen no true advances in processors, operating systems, etc. And computer repair is better than ever so people are holding onto their units longer.

Decline in a market doesn't mean the market is extinguished. These people really need to pull their heads out of their asses and shut the fuck up. They must be part of the cretin tribe because nothing they said makes sense.

There are record numbers of motherboards being sold by Gigabyte and Asus, the two top manufacturers of motherboards. There are more gaming rigs being sold than any time in history.

The problem is QUALITY!

Comment: Two lines of thought (Score 1) 126

by HermMunster (#44965119) Attached to: NSA Director Wants Threat Data Sharing With Private Sector

1) if you're in trouble you can try to divert the attention away from your efforts into efforts that you might want. Good tactic to switch the attention off what you are doing bad and what you could do that's bad.

Make no mistake. This is without a doubt a bad thing for them to do.

2) if you are in trouble air everything bad so that when it all settles down there's nothing else that could rise up.

Snowden has been doing a great job with his releasing of information to combat this by not having it all disclosed at the same time, thus extending it and keeping the irritation up and the nation's attention on the NSA.

Comment: National Paranoia, not National Security (Score 3, Insightful) 238

by HermMunster (#44965045) Attached to: No Upper Bound On Phone Record Collection, Says NSA

Very few of American's are terrorists. Any claim otherwise is paranoia. That is not national security. It is national paranoia.

Also, it is illegal. These people are the military. The military should have no oversight of the civilian public.

The NSA is part of the DoD under the Pentagon. That makes them a military entity even if most of those working there are civilians. We have lots of civilians working in all areas of the military. They all are bound by military law and military code of conduct.

These unconstitutional actions need to end.

Comment: Re:The Onion said it best (Score 1) 526

by HermMunster (#44461517) Attached to: Qualcomm Says Eight-Core Processors Are Dumb

They need to redesign to make better batteries, faster charging batteries, swappable batteries, and batteries that are bigger, even if it means a heavier handset. It is their failure that will keep us from progressing. We aren't complaining about them saying what they say. We are complaining about them not trying to solve the bigger problem and then falling back on a harrumph, we can't do it!!

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