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Comment Re:Doesn't work (Score 2) 167

Little did I know that this was the long-term plan planted by the Government implemented by Atari. My years of playing Asteroids will now lead me to picked up by a government van, dropped at Fort Lauderdale, where I will be immediately transported into space to fill my destiny.

Just like The Last Starfighter! (Did I date myself too much...)

Comment Re:Big Data (Score 4, Interesting) 439

The battleship maybe obsolete as a ship fighting platform but the ground artillery support role they were the most cost-effective methods around. that main guns were firing $25,000 rounds and are very accurate. Guided missiles attached to a plane are way more expensive and fighter planes are not cheap to fly or maintain. They have a greater range, but it is certainly not cheap way to hit targets.

I think battleships being retired is more of a shift of the navy of wanting use aircraft and not interested in a ground support role from the coast. Battleships really should have stayed as part of the fleet.

Comment Not Micromanagement (Score 1) 219

the patrol officer culture is concerned that the technology will be an unfair intrusion into their routine activities — for instance, it might invite over-managing minor policy violations.

If you are tasering someone, you are basically assault/battery of someone. That hardly seems like a minor issue, especially if I do to to a police officer they will try to send me to jail for a couple years.

Comment Re:where did Amazon service suffer as a result? (Score 3, Interesting) 155

Jeff Bezos isn't giving us investors enough money

Amazon has never given ANY investors any money, speculators on the other hand and Jeff Bezos himself has done remarkably well. If you your benchmark for wildly successful is wrapped in the stock price you are 100% correct. If you are an investor looking for a return, Amazon has basically done nothing.

So what if their sales have been wildly successful, can they actually make any money doing it is the problem.

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