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Comment: And like most VMWare things.... (Score 3, Interesting) 57

Is heavily marketed and works like absolute dog shit.

Yes, they have a great hypervisor. The rest of their products? Total, and utter shit. They can't compete on so many fronts they are running to provide anything with "Cloud" in it so people buy it. vCloud Automation Center. AirWatch. CloudVolumes. Horizon.

It's going to be interesting to watch a company who sat on its laurels while the cloud rush started and now is running to try to catch up.

Comment: Re:This must be confusing to y'all (Score 2, Interesting) 66

by HerculesMO (#47516413) Attached to: Microsoft FY2014 Q4 Earnings: Revenues Up, Profits Down Slightly

If you are tracking a company's performance by its stock price it's kind of laughable; share holders are a mentally unstable bunch, and unless you sacrifice your company for short term profits they really don't get excited. There is no long term outlook for companies any more, and MS' long term strategy I think, is getting stronger. The cutting of the 18k employees is just showing they are narrowing their focus and really concentrating on the areas they think will be big; cloud, and mobile.

And as somebody in the cloud space myself (for work), I look at Azure with great interest because of their investment into it. We are a huge Microsoft customer already, and we can leverage that size and contract for our benefit with Azure and licensing; Amazon can't beat them on that, and if I get the enterprise tools I want... it's a no brainer. AWS has a lot of features, but the vast majority of them aren't useful at this point for our needs... we need pure infrastructure, autoscaling, and database services -- all of which are available through Azure, and all of which are available for a lower cost.

Comment: This is NOT a scholarship... (Score 1) 102

by HerculesMO (#47315381) Attached to: College Offers Athletic Scholarships To Gamers

This is a marketing gimmick.

Scholarship money is heavily designed to give the student the idea of a "price break" when making a choice in school. Now this school is adding a bullshit scholarship to play video games to lure a lot of students there with the idea that "Oh, I can play video games and get paid!"

No, you're not getting paid for it. You are getting a coupon for the university so they get your business, rather than you choosing another university that might be a better fit, or cheaper for you.

Comment: It will be a failure. (Score 1) 134

by HerculesMO (#47118551) Attached to: Valve's Steam Machines Delayed, Won't Be Coming In 2014

Who wants last-gen games for a Linux console that nobody is really supporting?

Valve's ONLY motivation isn't the goodness of their hearts to the Linux community, it's to stop Microsoft from eating their lunch with the storefront. And right now, Steam works great on Windows 8.1 but MS is also making improvements (albeit small ones) to their store. It will be a long while before I give up Steam.

But the threat is real to Valve, and they want us to undertake all the heavy lifting, all the change, so that only 30% of our library now works instead of 100% on Windows. Thanks, but I'll stay with Windows. The Steam Box holds zero purpose for me since they introduced in home streaming. I can just stream a game to a small HTPC in my living room, or onto my tablet and have it powered by my main rig. But again... MS has technology like RemoteFX that can do the same thing... just a matter of time before it's implemented.

Comment: Re:Windows Phone 8.1 (Score 2) 69

I originally bought my 920 for just the camera; I have kids so I wanted to have a good camera at all times.

It wound up being better then the iPhone in a lot of ways, and now with the update (yes, I went to the developer preview mode) it's actually far better than iPhone or Android. And I have a Galaxy S4 I use for work, so it's not for lack of trying everything.

The only quip I have right now is the way that associations for things are handles (open with), but I think there has been some work done here, apps just have to take advantage of it.

Comment: Re:I am so glad (Score 4, Insightful) 270

by HerculesMO (#46728427) Attached to: The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For the Future

It is a good case however, for you to not really be in the position to speak from knowledge on the subject. You've hated MS for years, and adding your two cents about "yea I went to Linux" over ten years ago seems about par for the course of Slashdot angry posts about Microsoft.

It's a tool. You use it in the right place, at the right time. When you get religion about a tool, then it tends to be a problem. MS or not.

Comment: I've worked in financial firms for my entire life. (Score 4, Interesting) 246

In IT, of course...

And one thing I've learned is that financial firms generally speaking, don't beat the market. If you look at the S&P 500 as a baseline index for the health of the economy (and it might not be perfect, but it's a good measure), 80% of firms CANNOT beat the S&P in the same timeframe. If the S&P loses, those private firms lose too.

And even if they did... maybe 1-2% over? Which you won't get, because that's what they charge in FEES to manage their funds.

So basically HFT exists, because people still have the idea that investing with Morgan Stanley or somebody is a great idea, and so MS have a huge amount of equity to derive ridiculous profits on for who else -- themselves. Add to that the fees they charge to manage the funds they offer, and the marginal rates of return that investors get well... you know how it goes.

Hopefully my job interviews pending will pan out and I'll get out of finance for good; but sadly the money is what has kept me there, especially with the student loans... yet another benefit from our wonderful financial industry.

Comment: Re:Not news (Score 2, Informative) 147

While it's always entertaining to read the same tired MS bashing, I got my wife the Surface Pro 2 for her work, and she loves it. It's an amazing machine, well built, great display, and has a wacom digitizer for her to take notes with. For $1000? Name me another product as versatile and portable. There isn't one. For all the MS hate, Windows 8 boots in 10 seconds from cold and it runs all the apps she needs or could need.

The alternative was an iPad, but realistically to me it didn't make any sense because a lot of apps she needed were Windows centric or needed plugins, etc.

For the right market it's a great product, and I think I got exactly what I paid for... an ultraportable that doubles as a tablet, and laptop in one.

Comment: Let the hatred commence... (Score 5, Insightful) 293

by HerculesMO (#46149969) Attached to: Satya Nadella Named Microsoft CEO

I've been on Slashdot long enough to know that unless Linus accepted the CEO spot, whoever got it was going to get a lot of hate here.

The only thing I can say is that Microsoft is in dire need of engineering, and they promoted an engineer to the top spot. I think that's refreshing. What happens from here on out depends on what the roadmap looks like, but if the Surface Pro 2 is any indication, they are actually going down a good path on the hardware end of things. Time will tell on the software end.

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