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Comment Re:Gambling online is completely fucking stupid (Score 1) 296

Online poker sites take a rake just like a normal casino. Why would an online casino jeopardize their entire business by rigging games when they get paid whether you win or lose?

If they ever get caught they lose all their credibility and likely their future profit, just like what happened to UltimateBet and Absolute Poker.

Comment Re:repurpose, refill (Score 1) 970

You could just go buy an ink refill kit and refill existing cartridges

Unless you have something like an Lexmark Z1300 which contains a chip on the ink cartidge that tracks the ink level, you can refill it all you want but it won't recognize the ink unless you figure out some way to reset the chip.

I got the printer for around $25 bucks so I certainly got what I paid for, I think I'll be going with a Canon next time.

Comment Re:Redbox buying DVDs (Score 5, Informative) 545

Couldn't they just make bulk orders through a distributor such as Ingram Micro? Or is Ingram Micro being prohibited from selling to Redbox?

That's exactly what they did.

But... what happened now is that these studios (Fox, Universal and Warner Bros.) told not just the distributors (Ingram and Video Product Distribution) but also retailers like Best Buy and Wal-Mart to not sell to Redbox. That's restraint of trade. The studios have every right not to sell videos to whomever they want -- but those distributors and retailers can then sell to whomever they want. The studios should have no say in the downstream sales of the videos once they've been sold to the distributor, wholesaler or retailer. That's where the antitrust issue is. The studios are successfully controlling downstream sales.

Source - TechDirt

Comment Re:Let them play WOW (Score 1) 356

The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe is an excellent book about the early days of the Mercury program. The first astronauts were test pilots but they felt the Mercury program made them glorified monkeys sitting in a can. The flight of the rocket was computer controlled and they were only along for the ride, test pilots were on the bleeding edge of flight where they had control.

When Chuck Yeager was trying to beat the previous speed record of Mach 2 he managed to get to Mach 2.44 then lost aerodynamic control at 80,000ft, the airplane tumbled down 51,000ft in 51 seconds before he was able to regain control. He managed to land the plane safely.

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Comment Still prefer regular sized keyboards (Score 1) 586

I can't use a laptop keyboard to near my regular level of productivity. I only have to use a laptop for work from time to time and whenever I do I always plug in a regular sized keyboard if one is available.

The laptop keys don't have the same feel, some are in strange places, no regular number pad. Less lack of division between the keys, regular keyboards have that nice gap between the tops of the keys.
Making the Esc and Del keys bigger is a good idea in my view but it still isn't going to get me to use a laptop keyboard unless I'm forced to.

Comment Re:It's Too Late, I'm Done with IE (Score 1) 524

My work has standardized on IE 6 as well due to the mountains of IE6 specific code in their web applications.

I'd like to know if has anyone tried migrating slowly installing Firefox with IETab and using Firefox for normal browsing and IE for the internal apps only?

If so do you have any advice?

Submission + - Duke Nukem Project Officially Over

phobos13013 writes: The economic downturn has claimed another high profile project in the technology sector. "Reliable sources" have stated Video Game maker 3D Realms has run out of money and is shutting down. 3D Realms was set to release the highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever and had released news up to a month ago that it was still forthcoming. There is much speculation whether the game actually exists; regardless, it seems the final chapter has been written. For now...

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