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Comment: Re:Political theater (Score 5, Interesting) 439

by Henriok (#45736937) Attached to: US Spying Costs Boeing Military Jet Deal With Brazil

The fact that the military didn't even know about this snap-decision

The decision might seem sudden but Brasil have already chose Gripen in several occasions during the last 10 years. Those decisions have been interrupted by sudden economic downturn, and corruption, political instability and other stuff. Gripen seems to have been favored by the Brasilian military and Industry all these years though, and since all competitors are eliminated du to various reasons (technical, political, corruption, cost), there was no reason not to take the decision now.

Comment: Re:Why won't they roll their own? (Score 2) 439

by Henriok (#45736845) Attached to: US Spying Costs Boeing Military Jet Deal With Brazil
Embraer and SAAB has a history of collaboration and this is one of the key points of the deal. Embraer will be assembling these aircraft and they will be involved in future evolution of the aircraft. This spirit of collaboration between Sweden and Brasil is something that the US couldn't offer.

Comment: Illegal in Sweden (Score 4, Interesting) 279

by Henriok (#45144243) Attached to: David Cameron Wants the <em>Guardian</em> Investigated Over Snowden Files
In Sweden there's sections in the laws about freedom of speech that makes investigation of the sources of journalists illegal, even if the source might have committed a crime. The police or other law enforcer can't ask a journalist about their sources. That'd be illegal. A journalist doesn't have to keep silent though, so he might tell anyway but the police can't even ask for it. That's what's in the law. But there's probably secret provisions around it if it's a matter of national security, or just using some other agent to do so.

Comment: Re:64-bit processor seems to indicate it (Score 4, Insightful) 414

by Henriok (#45101319) Attached to: Shuttleworth: Apple Will Merge Mac and iPhone

I was having pretty much the same thought myself.

Why would you want a 64-bit processor on a phone?

The answer right now is: A processor with the ARMv8 ISA will be more powerful per clock and draw less power per clock and use less transistors per area than the previous ARMv7 would allow. It'll be a cheaper, faster and less power consuming than its predecessors. THAT'S the reason. Let's do it. Oh, it'll be 64-bit with no drawbacks too since we already have all the software tools and knowhow to make the leap, so let's do that too.

Comment: One day must be the worst (Score 2) 152

by Henriok (#43889797) Attached to: Surgeries On Friday Are More Frequently Fatal
I admit that I didn't read the article but I must point out that there is just seven days and one day must be the worst and one day must be the best. I happens to be the friday in the UK, it might be some other day in another country but there must always be one certain day that is the worst. Since there's only seven possible outcomes but an uncountable ammount of factors going in, good luck to figuring out what exacly is goong on.

Comment: Re:Far cheaper options (Score 1) 347

Install Linux. Cost $0 + admins' time -- almost certainly less than trying to remove and clean infected systems.

+ cost of education of the IT staff
+ cost of education of the users
+ cost of reduced productivity for the users and the IT staff until their competence rises to the before level.

Since they already had licenses for Windows, it'll cost nothing but time to re-install Windows. In that scenario, education of the users is zero, and there will be hardly no production loss for the users. There should be some money left to educate the IT staff to handle mitigate the virus threat on their chosen platform.

Comment: Re:Translation assistance needed! (Score 2) 207

by Henriok (#43283439) Attached to: No "Ungoogleable" In Swedish Lexicon, Thanks to Google
Bara för det, kommer jag göra mitt allra bästa att generalisera skiten ur ert lilla "varumärke", din jävel.

[Bah-rah fir debt commer yog yirah mitt ahl-rah bess-tah aht yenneh-rawl-ee-seh-rah sheet-en ew-r yeert lillaw varoo-myrrh-kay, dean yeah-vell.]

with a very large amount of salt. There are several sounds, especially vowels, that just doesn't exist in English.

Comment: [citation needed] (Score 2) 425

by Henriok (#42715491) Attached to: Iran Says It Sent Monkey Into Space and Back
Isn't this something that would be easily confirmed by the nations watching Iran's rising power? Or is it confirmed already? Iran is famous for its photoshopping skills and their knack for skewing propaganda in their favor. On the other hand, they do have the technology to do this. At least in theory.

Comment: Re:Ditching strong partners -- smart move! (Score 1) 172

by Henriok (#42455573) Attached to: TSMC Preparing To Manufacturer A6X Chip As Apple Looks to Ditch Samsung
Actual layout seems to be pure Apple for the A6 and A6X, and Samsung is "just" the fab. P.A. Semi and Intrinsity are companies that specialized in doing just this, laying out an optimizing processors for high performance. Apples people behind these companies did this for designs like StrongARM, DEC Alpha and even Samsung's Hummingbird Cortex-A8 core. So they are experts, and they are experts at using different fabs for their designs. Apple does have a full ARM architecture license, not just certain design macros like stock Cortex cores or Mali GPUs, just like Qualcomm does its own thing. That's why they could design their own ARMv7 based Swift core for the A6 family, which is something in between Cortex-A9 and A15. The GPU design comes from Imagination Tech of which Apple owns about 10%. Apple have in-house accelerators on these chips for image processing and video processing, and other blocks like memory management and bus interfaces are probably stock ARM stuff or something tweaked. They do have a large department doing this, and they do have about 30 years of doing custom chips. And on top of that. TSMC have been very keen on getting Apple's business ever since Apple started contracting Samsung for custom deigns rather than using Samsung's stock ARM SoCs talks have been with TSMC for doing the fabrication. And that's 5 years ago. I know that TSMC's reputation isn't all that great, but they do have had a lot of years proving themselves to Apple and they have probably done trial runs for every design Apple's come up with the last several years. When Apple thinks they are ready, they get the contract.

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