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Comment Late to the game: Swift (Score 4, Interesting) 113

Swift! Apple just released their new programming language as OpenSource and it is the future for all development for Apple's platforms. The scope for Swift is enormous: use it for everything from operating systems to scripting. Swift builds upon their already open development technologies: llvm, clang and lldb and Swift will fit in nicely here.

Comment Magnetism (Score 1, Troll) 32

Studies have also shown that magnetic forces might count for the majority of clumping of matter in sizes smaller than regular rocks. On those scales gravity doesn't do much, but magnetism can do plenty. And it wouldn't be strange for protoplanetary matter is magnetized since it's whirling around in the Sun's magnetic field.

Comment Re:I Disagree with the Summary (Score 2) 342

If this is true, I haven't seen any of their test vehicles doing this in try outs. They all hovered very controlled, and descends slowly and steadily. This landing was from what I could see the definition of "out of control", trying to regain control and desperately trying to complete the mission.

Comment incredibly close to target is far from success (Score -1) 342

This landing was faaaar from "incredibly close to success". It was incredibly close to just barely completing the mission. A successful mission would have been the rocket hovering in a stable manner, and descending slowly, and touching down in the center of the landing zone, with absolutely no drama. This rocket came tumbling down in high speed, with the landing struts deploying just seconds before touchdown, desperately trying to even hit the barge at all, veering left and right in what looked like in a panic, and eventually failing to even keep up-right which resulted in a explosion. Whomever or whatever detonated the rocket did it far to late with the rocket was lying down at that moment. The explosion was far from controlled.. All in all, it was pretty far from close to success, afaik.

Comment Was IBM never a chip maker?! (Score 1) 74

Remember IBM supercomputer chips like the BlueGene family, Cell processor and various other POWER processors? IBM has been building supercomputers for the U.S. Government since forever and they only recently stopped making their own chips when they sold off their fabbing business to GloFo.

Comment Re:Won't everything need to be recompiled? (Score 1) 85

Little Endian Linux for OpenPOWER exists, and have for some time. SuSE (SLES 12), Debian (kernel v.3.13 and 94% of the software repository), Canonical (Ubuntu Server 14.04) and RedHat (RHEL 7 and RHEV) have distros ready to go. Canonical is a platinum level member of OpenPOWER Foundation and the poster child for compatibility, and Shuttleworth is traveling the world showcasing this.

Comment Re:Tyan is from Taiwan. (Score 1) 85

That's why China has set up an own consortium based on OpenPOWER, the China Power Technology Alliance, CPTA. They are building a purely chinese OpenPOWER ecosystem, with all aspects of hardware and software.. like the CP1, a POWER8 clone with a Chinese crypto engine (since they didn't' want the american version, and wasn't allowed anyway).

Comment Re:Won't everything need to be recompiled? (Score 1) 85

The endianess problem is a nonissue with OpenPOWER since it's little endian, just like x86. A _very_ large portion of all open source software _will_ just work with a recompile, even if the project hasn't touched Power Architecture before. So, the money is already forked out, and it's done.

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