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Submission + - Which book smokes better - the Qoran or the Bible? 1

Daehenoc writes: Thanks to a laywer in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, we now know that the Bible makes a better smoke than the Qoran:

Company Claims EEG Scans Can Help Identify ADHD 373

Al writes "Technology Review has an article about a company hoping to expand the clinical use of electroencephalography. Thanks to better sensor technologies, data-processing techniques, and more detailed knowledge of the brain, EEG is expanding into completely new areas. A startup called ElMindA, is developing an EEG system to help doctors diagnose attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Scientists have also used ElMindA's system to characterize brain-activity patterns in patients with ADHD, identifying statistical parameters that differ between normal people and those with ADHD." If "normal people" can sit through high-school classes without being distracted and grumpy, count me out.

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