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by HeckRuler (#47947147) Attached to: The Minecraft Parent

Ability to socialize with others without having to worry about getting beat up

And we wonder where the internet trolls come from...
I mean, I get it. Parent want their kid to be safe. But when you remove the whole "do this and you will get punched in the face" aspect of social interaction, then certain behaviors fail to get snuffed out.

We've all seen that comic about when little stephan forgets he is not online. There's a kernel of truth to that.
I'm sure it will help socialize them to the facts of the Internet. Like how to deal with trolls, and how to ignore annoying people, and how you can't tell when someone is a dog.
But I imagine it will hurt their real-life socializing skills.

So... new thing comes a long and it's different. Good in some way, bad in others. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

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by HeckRuler (#47912991) Attached to: New Details About NSA's Exhaustive Search of Edward Snowden's Emails

"My sole motive is to inform the public as to that which is done in their name and that which is done against them." - Edward Snowden.

It's that "done in our name" portion. We run this gin-joint. Our spies have performed illegal operations.

He could have leaked the information with proof regarding the tapping at AT&T, Verizon, Google, etc without releasing information that damaged our foreign intelligence gathering.

That's actually quite a lot of effort that entire news corporations are STILL shuffling through. Years later. And what if he slipped up while censoring the data? You'd trust one man without a budget and a limited time-frame rather than an organization with a QA department? Or I supposed you'd rather he enter Russia with all of the NSA's as-of-yet unreleased secrets.

And do you honestly believe that anyone at the NSA could have influenced ISIS's surge to power? Really? Do you honestly believe that IF ONLY Snowden hadn't blown that whistle, then somehow the NSA would have prevented the clusterfuck in Iraq right now?

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You think that 1 out 2 protesting hippies in the 1960's went on to start a management career or entered politics?

I think your memory is about as good as your sense of statistics.

Long story short, the hippies were right. There really WERE communist spies infiltrating our government and society. But it didn't matter, because our system was better than the communist one. We didn't have to go off on pointless wars and trod on the necks of foreigners because, given time, our system won out, their collapsed, and all the satellite nations that they held sway over converted to our system. We didn't have to keep black and whites from marrying. We didn't have to dissolve Turing's nuts. We didn't have to hand guns to the contras just because the leader wanted to think about socialism. And we didn't have to have rebels invade Cuba. These are things that, with 20/20 hindsight, were bloody fucking stupid to support at the time. And the people protesting them, the hippies getting tear-gassed, were right. They had a more accurate world-view.

Sadly, the allure of being authoritarian jackboot-thugs never really went away, and it's coming back. Cops are decked out in military gear, our leaders are defending torture and assassinations, and widespread dragnets aren't being shot down.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. I think we need another wave of hippies. Unfortunately, their tent-camp was dispersed.

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This is the sort of rational and realistic responses with pertenant historical insight sans the common snide, cynical, partisian, or whack-job comments. It is on-topic, concise, and detailed. It answers a common question that would be raised by the uninformed about the topic at hand.

And it's not upvoted at all. Come on mods, do the hard-work of setting that slider all the way to zero and look for things that deserve mod points.
And you, coward, get a name so this sort of thing is easier to spot.

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I once met a nice girl, who had just moved to the UK from America. She told me that on her first few weeks here she wondered where all the atheists were, and it took her to little while to figure out that unlike the states, atheists did not seek out other atheists, congregate into groups, and spend all their free time discussing atheism.

We do that?

Let me guess, you haven't spent much time in the states, have you?

Maybe it's different on the coasts, but in the midwest, it's often a chore to figure out people's stances on religion. Sometimes the religion jokes fall flat and it's pretty awkward, which is why you avoid those sort of things in mixed or unknown company. I've got to force myself to remember that Ben at the makerspace is a devout catholic.

But yeah dude, what you describe is pretty much how it happens here in the states. There are a couple of "atheist-pride" types and they're gigantic assholes. But they're rarer than the "christian-pride" types who still have an entire industry selling to them and encouraging them. Does the UK not have assholes? Sounds lovely.

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Wait.... if you acknowledge that the NSA is a serious internal threat that is out of control.... Why don't you think that Edward Snowden (and all the other whistle-blowers) are doing it in an effort to... you know... exert some control on the organization?

I mean, if you're wise to the NSA, then why are you believing the tale their spinning about him being a spy?

a traitor than has and will cause good people to die

Can you name one instance of someone dying because of Snowden's leaks?
Or even an official citing that someone ACTUALLY died? (as opposed to your exact complain of vague worrying about potential repercussions).

Comment: They backup their email in tapes? (Score 1) 200

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Sherman, who has worked for the NSA since 1985, said the NSA searched deleted emails from Snowden's account and emails "obtained by restoring back-up tapes" and says the techy nerd he asked to do this, the one who would be raked over coals and fired if it was found out he deleted incriminating evidence, promised that these were really all the emails that Snowden sent.

Oh, David David David... Let me try to explain this one to you: You're trusting the people in charge of the system to tell you if they tampered with the system. You can't trust them. Which is why you fired 90% of that group a little while ago.

Also, they're using tape for their email backup? I mean, I know that for bulk data, tape actually becomes cost effective at some point. But email? Is that odd?

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by HeckRuler (#47882447) Attached to: Cuba Calculates Cost of 54yr US Embargo At $1.1 Trillion

AYE! Iffin they were a TRUE scotchmen, ey'd have HAGGIS fer breakfast!

What's communist about the economy of china? It is a highly regulated state capitalism...

A highly regulated state capitalism in a communist state. Run by communist. Elected by the communist party.

Go figure that the communist have a highly regulated economy. Who would have thought?

But you know what? That a pretty good question: What's communist about communist China? Because right now they just kinda look pragmatic (ie, whatever works) instead of adhereing to any sort of ideological dogma. If you take that route, what was capitalist about capitalist America during the 2007 econopocalypse?

Perhaps it's time to step away from the ideological labels and focus on reality.

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"Fascism is another form of socialism".... modded plus 5 insightful...

Ugh... first off, the definitions of ALL of these terms isn't exactly nailed down. You'll get a scewed description depending if the describer self-identifies as part of said group or if they view said group as opposition. Which means everyone bitching about the definitions of communism, fascism, left, right, liberal, conservative, whig, green, libertarian, etc etc are either:

A) Full of bullshit

B) Ignorant

C) Ludicrously out of touch

All usuallylost's post tells us is that he doesn't like Fascism or socialism, so he lumps the two together.

As whether Communism requires tyranny it would seem that in practice it does

Who is the tyrant of communist China right now?

Really, these labels almost do more harm than good. How about we stop bitching about vague ethereal terms and say that Cuba has suffered for their ties to Russia and that if they severed said ties we'd be cool with stopping the embargo. But hey, that sort of detail is boring, so let's bitch about groups of people we don't like and how they fuck everything up completely unlike how our perfect ideological group operates.

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Uh.... why are both of you conveniently ignoring China? I mean, sure, Mao was pretty bad. Ok, REALLY bad. So were the robber barons and slavers of the south.

But communist China hasn't had that tyrannical, personality cult, swaths of dead and rampant starvation sort of leader since Mao. And the communist party votes on their leader. It's not a general vote, for sure, but they keep on switching out leaders in a more or less peaceful way. Personally, our two-party system doesn't feel all that democratic at times.

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Elon Musk, with SpaceX and Tesla Motors.

I understand some people work really hard to be depressed and ignore all the good things about life, but you probably shouldn't bring the rest of us down into your mire.

But hey, you're right, fuck the military industrial complex and.... that other stuff about being better people.

The Leaders of the past few generations, those who would see a public interest and use the immense power and resources of the Government to enable it, are long gone.

Like who? Got any examples?

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On the flip-side, the early adopters will make bank in a similar way to those who really embraced personal computing back in the 80's, or the internet in the 90's. Even if the law comes down or the market cornered by big business, you'll have a valuable in-demand skillset. Or you'll be the inventor the next big thing. Let's see: bio-OS, YouGene, NANthrax, fat'be'gone, OracleOcculars, hmmmm....

And that's the sort of statement made with an intent to kickstart another gold-rush into new exciting territory where most of the poor schlubs won't make a dime and will complain bitterly for decades about what could have been. But hey, society will be better for it.

"Our vision is to speed up time, eventually eliminating it." -- Alex Schure