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Comment: Re:Lewandowsky, SF, etc. (Score 1) 692

by Headw1nd (#46046019) Attached to: Protesters Show Up At the Doorstep of Google Self-driving Car Engineer
I don't think he's bemoaning the loss of crackhouses, just pointing out that even the worst of the low income housing stock is being converted. Soon there won't be anywhere for low-income people to live, and if you think that just includes criminals, you're foolish. It includes service workers, recent immigrants, and artists. Without those groups, San Francisco will no longer be a very attractive place to live.

Comment: A much different reaction to other predictions (Score 1) 385

by Headw1nd (#45861045) Attached to: Isaac Asimov's 50-Year-Old Prediction For 2014 Is Viral and Wrong
This seems on the balance to be much less accurate than the "Ladies' Home Journal" 100 year predictions we were talking about a few years back, and I recall those being kind of ridiculed. I suppose it's all a matter of authorial intent: do we want to play up the predictor as a visionary or play down the foresight of our ancestors to assuage our insecurity?

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No, no , a thousand times no. You really think that a dedicated troll is going to give in to your arguments? He isn't in this to win, he's in it to make as much disruption as possible. You'll respond, and 15 other people will respond, and the troll will just rephrase his argument and repeat it. He doesn't care that it doesn't make sense, in fact he knows it's wrong, but he'll just say it again. His game is literally this: to make you type as much as possible with as little effort on his part as necessary. If you see a troll post, treat it like an Xbox 360. Just do a 360 and walk away.

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It's true... Looking at the right and the left right now you can see them subtly trying to steer the debate back to the same old "scandals", and away from this story. This is not the time for partisan politics, I'm a die hard lefty and I would love to see the administration taken to task for this.

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There's a very real chance that this is a "leak" designed on the fly to discredit those currently talking about the verizon leak. If that is the case, it well may backfire as I doubt they will actually be able to discredit it in the public's perception, it's just too plausible. Assuming it is a false leak, they might also use it to put pressure on Google et al to cooperate, a "Everyone thinks you're a ho so now you might as well sleep with me, and I'll look after you" kinda thing. Or it could be a total hoax, which changes nothing except where it came from.

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and Muslims are supposed to be better than dragging burned mutilated corpses through streets. Just pointing out that your point B is irrelevant since America is as much represented by these soldiers as the Muslim population is represented by that mob in Fallujah.

Are you seriously suggesting that the US Marine Corps doesn't represent the US? Maybe you think they just happen to be over there on vacation, but I'm pretty sure they were sent, armed, paid by the the US government. They are acting on the authority of the United States of America, and as such everything they do, good or bad, reflects on the integrity and honor of the United States, and the Corps as well. If this was some group of jackoff civilians in Detroit you might have some kind of point, but when it comes to soldiers, you don't.

Comment: Cited in, not cited as the cause of. (Score 4, Informative) 189

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Wow, this is some poor reporting. At first I thought the summary was to blame, but no, the articles themselves have it wrong. Facebook is being cited in 33% of all British divorces, but not as the cause. When they say cited, they mean just that: That something from Facebook was brought up in the courtroom. That could be, and in fact seems to frequently be something from well after the couple has separated, brought up as part of custody or property hearings.

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Don't pick a fight with a big company or with people with money or power. Great. In other words, if you are the small man, you are fucked.

This is actually very true. As the small man, you need to do one of two things:
1) Go get money and power and come back later
2) Find someone sympathetic to your cause who has money or power

Dave with a V chose option #2

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Some one needs to drop some mod points on this post, it should be "+5 insightful" with a flashing neon border. Examples of this kind of regulation are all too common, where business secretly welcomes regulation just so the government can play the heavy and they can pretend that they had no choice but to comply. Smoking bans are are good example. What restaurant wants to tell loyal customers that they can't smoke because they've chosen to cater to a larger contigent of nonsmokers? It's much easier if smoking is banned in all restaurants, and then it's not your fault if a customer can't light up.

Comment: Slashdot fails at reading in between the lines (Score 1) 705

I'm going to post this, even though it's going to be waaaay down where nobody sees it, just because it needs to be in here somewhere.

For starters, yes this bureaucrat is being a dick. However, I submit that he does not really think that David Cox made on his own a traffic report that is of "engineering quality". As people have pointed out, in this circumstance it would not be a crime.

What he is most likely thinks is that David Cox had an engineer produce an "engineering quality" traffic report, and the said engineer delivered it to Mr. Cox unsealed. This is not okay. I'm not sure about NC, but in Virginia if you are a PE, and you do engineering work, you must seal it (confirming it as your work product). This is an important requirement that helps to ensure the quality of work done by PEs. A PE who prepared an anonomys report could be in serious trouble with the licensing board.

This is the real angle Mr. Lacey is driving at, the other is just trying to put some kind of pressure on Mr. Cox to divulge where he got his help from. Notice the statement that Mr. Cox has refused to say who worked with him on the report, and probably won't, since they really have no leverage on him. All the same, there's likely and engineer down there sweating a bit, wanting this thing to blow over.

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