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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 360

There are some real-world scenario's where this can be used... A cut break-line will be detected by professionals, just like explosives, and every car is inspected prior to leaving with a VIP. So cutting the break line on the presidents limo probably won't get an attacker anywhere. But if the attacker could load software that stalls the engine or cuts the brakes at a predefined time (and place) the attackers can kidnap or kill the VIP without any advance indication that the car has been compromised.

They won't be able to stop to get their car inspected and consequently the car will be shot up by a guard assuming it's a suicide bomber -- and you've played right into their plan...

Comment Re:Cyberbullies? (Score 1) 709

This kind of stuff happens all the time. The 15 year old girl was sleeping around with 2 guys in the space of a year? Of course she would get picked on, called a slut, etc. It's no excuse for the bullies actions, but I think this goes on at every school. And teachers who DO stand up for students often become targets themselves. The other parents of the accused bullies get angry and complain to administrators. The fact is good teachers who wedge themselves into conflict put a target on themselves since administrators want as little hostile-parent interaction as possible.

Comment Re:Unavoidable (Score 2, Funny) 372

Now the MMO world has it much better off, since you need a subscription to actually play the game at all.

There are plenty of private servers for games like WoW, which in general I found to be more enjoyable with increased level rates, etc. You can advance through the game quicker and achieve a lower level of dissatisfaction when you realize its over and how much time you've wasted...

Comment Re:Doesn't matter (Score 1) 370

Better privacy, really? At least Google has finally taken some responsibility for filtering in China. I haven't seen that in Yahoo's case. Yahoo also has some bad records of turning in dissidents to the authorities there. Both companies retain your search data for over a year. In short I wouldn't look to either for privacy. You can also use scroogle to search with some peace of mind.

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