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Comment: Re:This is good (Score 1) 1076

by Harlequin80 (#49731525) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

Generally speaking I tend to learn more towards the conservative party in Australian than the Labor party. But everytime I go to the US I come back a little more left wing. The amount of poverty and people who are just lost is terrifying. For a country that are smart about so many things their social structure is just broken.

Comment: Re: What? (Score 1) 126

by Harlequin80 (#49708339) Attached to: How SpaceX and the Quest For Mars Almost Sunk Tesla Motors

I would be surprised if it is that the sum of liabilities had to be lower than value of assets. If you took a loan for $1 million and then bought equipment that equipment is immediately lower in value the second you bought it. This would mean you have a liability of 1 million and an asset worth say 700k. Which would run you afoul of what you described.

More likely it is that your available assets exceed current liabilities. Usually current liabilities are those that come due in this financial year.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 2) 126

by Harlequin80 (#49697715) Attached to: How SpaceX and the Quest For Mars Almost Sunk Tesla Motors

Companies must have the ability to meet their liabilities as they become due otherwise they are trading insolvent. Put simply if Tesla had reached pay day and been unable to make the payment then it would have been insolvent and it would have been illegal for them to continue trading.

However I would suggest there is absolutely no chance of that statement being true as you don't get paid for your contracts immediately so there must have been some other finance mechanism in place.

Comment: Re:Now if only the rest of the country would follo (Score 5, Informative) 544

by Harlequin80 (#49695935) Attached to: California Senate Approves School Vaccine Bill

Ummmm I think you are talking crap.


Prior to the vaccine, almost all U.S. children were infected with rotavirus before their 5th birthday. Each year, among U.S. children younger than 5 years of age, rotavirus led to

more than 400,000 doctor visits,
more than 200,000 emergency room visits,
55,000 to 70,000 hospitalizations, and
20 to 60 deaths.

Also from the CDC website - Rotavirus vaccine risks - http://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafe...

  It is possible that an estimated 1 to 3 U.S. infants out of 100,000 might develop intussusception within 7 days of getting their first dose of rotavirus vaccine. That means 40 to 120 vaccinated U.S. infants might develop intussusception each year.

What the fuck is intussusception?
a medical condition in which a part of the intestine invaginates (folds into) into another section of intestine

The intussusception can be treated with either a barium or water-soluble contrast enema or an air-contrast enema, which both confirms the diagnosis of intussusception, and in most cases successfully reduces it. The success rate is over 80%. The remaining 20% require surgery.

So to summarise
Prior to the rotavirus vaccine there were 55,000+ hospitalisations and 20+ deaths per year due to rotavirus. Post vaccine your worst case risk is a minor surgery which occurs 8 to 24 times a year. I think I know which I would prefer.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 1) 461

In Europe, North America, Australia and NZ I know that asking about family status, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, political affiliation, union membership, race or ethnicity is not allowed.

And wow Chilonim, never heard that term before so I had to google it. Interesting concept that there is a grouping for non-religious Jews and that it is a recognised way of considering them. They way you put it "even amongst the Chilonim" could, and I stress could not that I am, be used to imply that non-Chilonim people are more family orientated.

Then if you had two potential employees, 1 Chilonim & 1 not, both equally qualified and experienced and both with families which would you choose if your role had long hours or lots of travel? Do you decide to hire the Chilonim candidate because they are likely to care less about their family?

This is the problem when non technical considerations are used to make a hiring decision. People's stereotypes become too major a factor. You can't stop people using their stereotypes but you can try to reduce its prevalence.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 1) 461

by Harlequin80 (#49693961) Attached to: Does Using an AOL Email Address Suggest You're a Tech Dinosaur?

Assuming you haven't been unemployed for an extended period then the say reason applies with the added. "I decided it was a good time to take a period off. I had a number of personal projects I wanted to complete and am now keen for my next challenge" or some variation of this.

If you have been long term unemployed and desperate to work then this becomes much more difficult.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 3, Informative) 461

by Harlequin80 (#49686973) Attached to: Does Using an AOL Email Address Suggest You're a Tech Dinosaur?

Reason for leaving should NEVER be stated on a CV. It can always be misconstrued no matter what you write. "moved for a better opportunity" "approached by old manager" " poached by agent" no matter what there will be someone who reads that negatively. About the only thing that is ok is "Contract / Project completed"

If you are asked in an interview what the reasons for leaving were then you should treat it exactly the same way you treat the "So what are your weaknesses question" give them an answer which doesn't give them a reason to discount you and if you can manage it spin it into a quasi-positive.

If it was the case that your boss was a wanker and you had to get out, spin it into something like "I had spent a decent length of time there and I believe I accomplished all that I was going to. I felt that it was the right time for me to look for new opportunities and hence here I am. In particular I am keen to work on (whatever they just told you about)."

Nothing there is a lie. If your boss was a jerk you probably weren't going to go any further in that role.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 1) 461

by Harlequin80 (#49686885) Attached to: Does Using an AOL Email Address Suggest You're a Tech Dinosaur?

It may be a US centric hatred. I'm in Aus and it is pretty much irrelevant.

As for people putting that stuff on their CV, yeah they really really do (and I get enough US based CVs to know people there do it as well). And like the US in Australia you can't discriminate on age, gender, race, marital status, religion or politics. That doesn't stop me getting a CV with everything from the kids names, to their passport number.

The other thing I see a lot is:
July 2008 to Aug 2013 - Senior Developer
I did blah blah blah blah I have awesome skills.

Reason for leaving: My boss was an absolute cock and one day I had enough and I quit with no notice.

For some reason people don't seem to think this will raise questions about them.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 3, Informative) 461

by Harlequin80 (#49686779) Attached to: Does Using an AOL Email Address Suggest You're a Tech Dinosaur?

I do work in tech recruitment. But also I don't provide a persons contact details to a company until they have already had a first stage interview. So a persons email address isn't available to the company as a selection criteria.

When I am determining whether I will represent someone to a company I care about their work experience, what they have done, and who they have done it for. I then interview them to determine whether I think the culture will be a fit.

My experience is that often in technical spaces people can be very unaware of how certain things may portray them. People put photos on their CV, they put their marital status, how many kids they have, where the attend church, whole paragraphs about their hobbies, all sorts of weird things. Quite often the more techie they are the weirder the stuff they put on their CV.

Part of my role is to help people portray their skills and experience in the way that will get them an interview. From where I sit, if having an @aol address is a bad thing, it ranks very very low on the list of things that will cause you a problem.

Comment: Re:Both ways? (Score 1) 84

by Harlequin80 (#49686733) Attached to: Apple, A123 To Settle Lawsuit Over Poached Battery Engineers

The first case was not a non-poaching agreement it was a non-hiring agreement. You work for google then apple won't hire you. It isn't about tempting someone to change jobs.

The second case is you have an agreement not to solicit another companies employees. Nothing stopping you from hiring them. Everything stopping you from calling them up and saying "what do I have to do to get you to quit your job and come work for me"

These are not opposite sides of the same coin.

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