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Comment Re:Because the parents don't care. (Score 1) 44

No I don't believe they will. What exactly are the security issues? 99% of baby monitors are pointed at a cot and show nothing more than the inside of the cot, you can't see anything else. You can't see points of entry, you can't see the rest of the room and you are unlikely to be able to identify which room you are looking at. At absolute best you MIGHT be able to see when there is no one home but you sure as hell wouldn't trust the baby monitor to hear the rest of a house.

As for privacy they will get a shit house picture and some poor audio of a baby crying or a baby sleeping. Usually in B&W, with slow frame rates, and an IR light causing everything to look weird. Nothing else is going to be done infront of that camera. No changing of babies, no accidental shots of you in the nude, nothing.

People don't buy baby monitors for security. That is what their door locks and motion sensors are for and a baby monitor does nothing to help someone defeat those.

Comment Because the parents don't care. (Score 1) 44

This has less to do with security and more to do with the fact that people don't really care. A baby monitor is there so you can hear / see your baby and make sure it is still breathing and to see if you really do need to go into their room when they are crying. While most people would be creeped out by the idea of someone else looking at their baby on a monitor they don't really care that much. It's not like parents see baby monitors as something that stops you stealing the baby.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 352

How do you figure that an auto is more efficient than a manual? Compared to a concentrating manual driver the automatic transmission will often be in too tall a gear for exiting a corner quickly. It's why they often downshift when you put your foot down. This isn't a failing in their system but a reflection of the fact that automatics have to be reactive where as a manual operator can plan and they are designed to be best at average normal driving.

Automatics transmissions are also heavier than manuals meaning higher fuel costs and they have a more limited range of engine braking available compared to a manual meaning higher brake wear. In addition to this there is higher power loss in an auto transmission than a manual.

The main advantage that auto has over manual, outside of driving type, is that they tend to last longer than a manual.

Comment Re:Running the numbers... (Score 2) 199

Bahahahahahahaha. You think they could run fiber for 2k per house??? You are talking existing properties here with existing roads, drainage, sewerage, water pipes, and electricity. Half of these wont be mapped correctly and you are expecting them to be able to trench in fiber and connect the houses for 2k per connection? You would struggle to get that sort of costing per house when you are building a subdivision and you amortise the earthworks cost across multiple services.

How much do you think it would cost just to cross a road with a cable? Assuming you can get away with a directional drill or a vac excavator and not have to cut the road way surface.

And lets not even could the cost of foot paths, driveways, gardens and everything else this will chew up.

Maybe just maybe you could sling the fiber from existing power poles to keep you costs down. But even then you wont get under 2k.

Comment Re:Easier than that (Score 3, Informative) 145

Pick a spot where you have mobile phone coverage and you have solved your internet problem and you would be amazed at how much laptop time you can get out of a couple of charged car batteries and an inverter. If all you are doing it running a phone and a laptop you will get a week no problems.

Comment Re:Their work is being wasted. (Score 0, Troll) 139

Sorry I could disagree with you more.

When it comes to a desktop environment I'm not really sure why anyone gives a toss about Systemd. Seriously how often are you debugging at such a low level on your desktop. I can understand some objection in server management but even then I don't get the religious hatred over it.

As for gnome 3. It sucked. But got and have a look at cinnamon on Linux Mint. It is polished, stable and familiar. Best desktop environment I have ever used.

As for the browser choices. Not really something that is distribution or even linux specific. Unless you are arguing safari or IE / Edge is better?

Comment Re:the riskiest thing i do everyday (Score 1) 165

I'm currently riding a 2013 Honda CBR1000RR. Always been on the Japanese sports bikes. was a Kawasaki man for a long time until I bought the abortion that was the '07 ZX-10R. Hated it from day one and should have just got rid of it but I kept thinking I'm sure I can get it to handle.... In the end I had an encounter with diesel which led to an encounter with the road and I now have a steel collar bone and one slightly second hand right wrist.

I also have daughters but I haven't had to convince them why I ride bikes. The eldest has a little 50cc with training wheels on it and she likes chasing the chickens with it. The youngest is even more keen. It helps that my wife rides as well of course.

My old man still rides on the road (ST1300) and competes in vintage motorcross. He races an old Maiko 500 from the late 60s and came runner up in the Australian Masters competition last year. Not bad for someone knocking on 70.

I also live at the bottom of a set of mountains with some amazing roads in them. I like to get up early on a Sunday and go for a moderate blast up there for an hour. Makes me feel alive.

Comment Re:the riskiest thing i do everyday (Score 2) 165

Except as a human race we massively suck at conceptualising what risks truly are. Especially when the risks are distributed and applied at a population rather than an individual level.

It is easy for people to visualise the devastation a nuclear meltdown will cause. However we cannot visualise the damage done by using coal for power be it the radiation releases, the carbon releases or the toxins produced.

Even with the car concept I would argue that almost all people get in a car not understanding what the true risks are.

Comment Re:I'm not a panicky guy but... (Score 1) 423

Even better then. Games and photoshop are my only things keeping windows around.

Knoppix is a decent distro but will come with a higher culture shock than mint. Also while this will probably start a flame war I prefer the look of Cinnamon (Gnome) to the LXDE interface which is Knoppix's default. I tend to only use LXDE when I am running on something with really no grunt, ala an atom.

Comment Re:Share Market =/ Economy (Score 1) 109

No startup is going to get handed $50m on an idea and nothing else. And no startup is ever going to be a bank, not unless your definition of a startup is any new business. If you want to found a bank you need to pull together long term investors to come together to build a new venture.

And 500k for a restaurant?!?!?! You need 3 months of rent for the bond (10k-50k), 20k for fitout, 10k for inital consumables costs, then give yourself another 20-30k money to run with. And that is going to get you a hell flashy restaurant.

I built my business to 26 staff before divesting starting from a $60k overdraft secured against my house.

Comment Share Market =/ Economy (Score 1) 109

Just because the share market value dropped does not mean that the overall economic conditions changed one bit. If anything the share market was over valued with price / earnings ratio being above the long term average and it has now corrected to just under that long term average.

Unlike what happened with Lehman brothers there is no capital crunch happening. Companies balance sheets are ridiculously strong at the moment with crazy amounts of cash sitting there doing SFA. Christ Cisco decided to take out a $5 Billion dollar loan just because it could even though it had $54 billion of cash sitting there. Currently US companies have over $1.5 Trillion dollars on their balance sheets! Nearly a quarter of that is held by Cisco, Microsoft, Apple & Google alone.

If you look at those numbers and then compare them to what investment an IT startup needs and you can see there are several orders of magnitude difference in them. If your startup can't gain enough traction with a couple of 100k it was never going to happen for you you anyway.

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