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Comment Re:Well, now we actually know several things (Score 1) 84 84

1549 was into a smooth river and there was a pilot in control and he had power. Realistically MH came down after running out of fuel, with no one controlling it. Auto pilot wouldn't have been able to detect the water level and who knows what it would have been trying to do with no power and a glide decent.

The only argument where MH comes down in the Indian ocean with a live pilot at the stick would be either a suicidal pilot or a pilot under duress.

More likely it hit the water nose down in an unpowered glide. It may or may not have hit flat, who knows. But it would have been coming into rough water which makes it much more likely it tumbled.

Comment Between 1600 - 1700 balloons! (Score 1) 34 34

If you assume 100% coverage of the land mass you are looking at between 1600 & 1700 balloons! And that is assuming that you don't build in an overlap.

I would so love to know how they plan to handle the movement of the balloons. I understand the principal of moving them up or down to get them into different wind streams but how are they doing the height adjustment in such a way that they can stay up for extended periods? Nothing on their website.

Comment Re:Well, now we actually know several things (Score 1) 84 84

True, it wasn't a really accurate video but I thought offset the "it was water, plane should be fine" argument.

I believe the plane probably hit the water unguided and un-powered. I suspect it flew along the guessed flight path on auto till the fuel ran out and then glided into the water. Meaning it would have come down nose in first if nothing else. Also in the period after the crash weather was disrupting the search and those storms had come in from where the plane was thoughts to have gone down. It would likely have meant that the sea would have been anything other than smooth like 1549's was.

Comment Re:Well, now we actually know several things (Score 1) 84 84

Please watch this - This is the video of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 trying to land on the ocean. THAT is a close to a gentle ditching as you are going to get and you think it would have remained intact???

Comment Re:WMC (Score 2) 475 475

Unless you have a cable card that needs the DRM in WMC go and have a look at KODI. Chances are it even natively supports your remote, given that for a while there Microsoft made by far the best remote and receiver combo. I currently run Kodi on linux machines using microsoft MCE remotes and IR receivers.

Comment Re:Isn't HoloLens way more useful for this? (Score 1) 44 44

Having used the original Glass I wouldn't bother using it again while it was still a small picture in the corner unless it somehow dramatically improved in ways I cannot even imagine.

I know there is all the privacy freakout stuff, particularly on slashdot, but the reason glass failed the first time was they were basically useless. If you are the type of person who needs a HUD to read your text messages you probably have a smart watch. The camera was crap, the interface was painful and it had no processing power.

Microsoft Holo actually looks like there might be a usage case for it. Glass not so much.

Comment Re:Kickstarter? (Score 1) 550 550

Actually I disagree. Slashdot could have been a phenomenal money maker and being a money maker brings nice things. What they needed to do was to leave the core part of the site untouched except for improvements such as unicode and looking to find a way to tweak some of the moderation bombing and then used the captive audience to feed other business areas. To see the ultimate example of that have a look at google. They didn't ever mess with search but they used it to push other services they could make money with.

If you had a base of slashdot users you could have built an effective news publication around them. The users would give you information on what they find interesting and act as free news hounds. You could write articles with traditional advertising in them that then linked in to the slashdot discussions. You spawn a site called slashnews and you leave slashdot alone. Once you had some of the original slashdot traffic moving through your wider network you open up more and more ways to monetise that traffic without pissing off the original community. Then the original community can start to benefit from things you would do to bring more people in, such as curated Q&A sessions, brining in subject matter experts to explain things in more detail etc.

Comment Re:You forgot the awful moderation. (Score 1) 550 550

Oh dear. I'm agreeing with AC. I'm not sure what it was that I said that started it but if a post of mine is deemed to be worth getting +1'd to 4 or higher I will get overrated modifications put on within 24hrs. Of course my posts could always be over-rated, but it only started happening about 3-4 months ago.

Comment Re:Sounds impressive, but is it? (Score 1) 83 83

Except that the fine is only part of the penalty. They are also required to offer to buy the car back from every person which would equate to $1000s of losses on every vehicle, with some of those vehicles having a premium placed on the buy back price, fix the vehicle, and then pay the fine. Overall this will hurt a huge amount.

In total we are talking close to 2 million vehicles. If you assumed 50% buy back rates, assume $500 per car costs to buy back, $500 to rectify problem, $1500 to get the vehicle back into the market you are starting to look at seriously high costs. This one incident alone could wipe out over $2 billion dollars.

Comment Re:Still A Good Idea (Score 1) 245 245

Alternatively a second step can be put in for review. I would expect that any surgical table fatalities have to be written up and assessed for what could have been done differently. In this post-mortem environment there is limited time pressure so a conclusive call can be made as to whether this patient was a high risk patient or not. It yes, then lodge it as a high risk fatality, if no, lodge it in the black mark column of "should have survived".

As a side note one of my close friends is an Emergency Intensivist, and the way she describes her job is "I'm the doctor you hope you never have to meet, because if you do meet me, you are about to die." So as a result her fatality rate is huge and it will always be such, even if she was the best doctor in the world.

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