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Comment Re:Coren22's "APKolypse" (Score 1) 210

I know I shouldn't do this as it is picking on the disabled. But you and I have a seriously different understanding of crushed if you think Coren came off badly. Mate I don't think there is anyone on this site that gets crushed as often and as repeatedly as you do. You might think Coren has a million sock puppets that are busy downmodding you but the truth is you are the red headed step child of the slashdot family and it's you that gets crushed, not the people you decide to stalk.

Comment Re:Looking forwards (Score 1) 181

I think you need to read about the gearing that is used by the pros. They often tune the gearing of their bike to a particular stage and have only a small number of gears to choose from while riding. You need to minimise the amount of lateral movement there is in the chain otherwise you create a huge powerloss. They even have a number of different crank lengths and will swap them as required.

Of course you can run standardised equipment if you wanted to, but personally I think it would be a huge step in the wrong direction and it would limit the approaches that people can take to win. I think you should have some basic restrictions, such as weight and length but outside of that I don't see a problem in letting manufacturers use sports as a method of improving their products.

Comment Re:Looking forwards (Score 1) 181

This would require there to be the same attribute being the deciding factor for all competitors. If you take cricket bats for example they are fixed width but there is a huge variation in weight. Heavier bats hit are but slow your ability to react and hence mean you have to plan shots earlier. Lighter bats mean you have to swing harder but have far more scope to start your shots later or change angle mid shot.

When it comes to cycling the gearing will be tuned to the particular rider. Watch a cycling competition and you will see riders travelling at the same speed with very different foot speed. This is particularly noticeable on the mountain stages, are you a low force high rpm rider or a high force low rpm rider.

Comment Re:Go Work for the Competition (Score 1) 192

From the OP 'Our userbase is constantly expanding' so product is obviously not dying. Then he says "these users expect modern conveniences like intuitive UI and documented processes". Well do they? Or does the software do exactly what these new customers want it to do? This sounds an awful lot like "I don't like the UI and I want to change it".

Documented processes is one thing. Get your documentation up to scratch.

But sure as fuck don't mess with a long term UI because you think it should look modern. In business the first thing is does it work and does it work well. The next thing is why am I wasting time learning a new way to do an old trick?

There is a reason I run linux mint and not Ubuntu or Windows 8 / 10. They fucked up the UI.

Comment Re:Yeah right. (Score 1) 129

Absolutely agree. The difference here is that these machines wont have a market for them if the process doesn't work where as surface machinery has a reliable second hand market. I'm not saying it is technically impossible, or that it won't happen in the future but the risk profile is crazy and the chances of it succeeding financially are close to zero.

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