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Comment: Re:Simple Solution (Score 1) 92

by Harlequin80 (#49194381) Attached to: Apple, Google, Bringing Low-Pay Support Employees In-House

And why would you want to do that? If you eliminate outsourcing you will eliminate jobs.

If an organisation creates a small amount of a particular workload, ie less than 1 full time equivilent, their options are to employ a part time or to outsource. If the work is seasonal or related to work spikes then the part time option is not even there. So in the end you will force all companies to employ people on a casual basis to do this work. This is expensive for a business to do as finding people to do a job is a skill in an of itself. The net effect is that the additional cost of sourcing someone exceeds the cost of putting that extra workload onto your existing staff. Ergo the people that would have got that casual or seasonal work are now not, less jobs to go around.

Comment: Re:Way too expensive for my blood... (Score 4, Informative) 64

by Harlequin80 (#49169873) Attached to: Games Workshop At 40: How They Brought D&D To Britain

I've never heard of it costing you a win. To compete in a tournament your miniatures must be painted with at least 3 colours each to qualify. At most tournaments though there is a prize given for painting but the tournament overall winner is usually a straight win / loss calculation.

All models must be painted to a 3 color minimum. We count primer as a color. If you have any models that are not painted to a 3 color minimum, you will be ineligible for prize support at the end of the event. We will use a Paint Rubric for judging paint. No basing requirement.

Comment: Re:Won't make it to 50 (Score 2) 64

by Harlequin80 (#49169753) Attached to: Games Workshop At 40: How They Brought D&D To Britain

I actually like the bloodbowl games.

That said I think it is incorrect to think that good video games will cannibalise their minature market. Warhammer is a shockingly hard thing to play once you have other time commitments, ie family. I would love to get my old High Elves or Eldar out but never do. The ability to play those games properly in a video game would rekindle my interest and connect me to others that potentially live close enough to get together with to play the minatures version.

Comment: Re:Last straw? (Score 2) 533

The situation in Iraq could never be stabilised without essentially destroying part of the population. Successive decisions by external powers have weakened the various states that exist in that region. If the countries that surrounded Iraq had been strong enough to control their own borders and internationally integrated enough to not want to risk economic backlash by extending their borders we perhaps could have seen another Yugoslavia civil war and break up as a best possible outcome.

But instead Iraq was destabilised along with Afghanistan at the same time. This led to massive numbers of people moving around and their supporting infrastructure being destroyed. Pakistan then started to follow Afghanistan down the toilet as militant forces crossed the border causing even more people to join the fight. Then Syria started to collapse and support was given to the rebels meaning weapons and funds leaked into ever more radical hands.

At the moment the only things holding ISIS back is Asad in Syria and Iran.

Comment: Re:Notify CTO, CFO & CEO offices (Score 2) 230

I call the CEOs, State Managers, Divisional Directors etc etc of companies that range in size from 20 person to 75,000 person on a daily basis for my job. You absolutely need the name in order to get anywhere but that information is very very simple to get. To get through to those people all you need to do is sound like you expect to be put through.

Worst case scenario is you are referred down the chain of command. There is no way that the CEO of a 10,000+ person is going to be the right person to speak to, however a conversation with their Head of IT that starts with John Doe said I should speak with you to sort this gets balls moving very quickly.

Comment: Re:Notify CTO, CFO & CEO offices (Score 1) 230

The best approach is to call them. However most people don't feel comfortable doing this.

If you pick up the phone and call their head offices number (as opposed to customer support number) and ask for the CEO you will almost always get put through to them. You may hit a voicemail system after that but because most people won't actually call someone they voicemails are usually listened to. Keep it polite, and to the point and you will be surprised as to how quickly they will act.

Comment: Re:Nope (Score 1) 231

by Harlequin80 (#49161167) Attached to: Samsung Officially Unpacks Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge At MWC

The Lg G3 is a brilliant phone and while it is a large screen it doesn't actually feel like that big of a phone. I am still running the lg g2, but the wife got the g3 and never looked back.

Only think I would change is I wouldn't have the crazy high resolution screen. I believe that it eats way more power than it is worth and a 1920x1080 screen would have been a better choice. At that resolution and small size its hard to tell the difference.

Comment: Re:can't wait to see it work on fox news web site (Score 4, Interesting) 375

by Harlequin80 (#49160971) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links

The stomach ulcer thing was two Australia scientists, Barry Marshall and Robin Warren. They claimed, in 1982, that stomach ulcers were caused by H. Pylori but because that bacteria was common in the intestinal tract already the idea was shot down as incorrect. They spent 2 years trying to infect piglets with it then gave up and Barry drank a full petrie dish of the cultured bacteria. He suffered symptoms within 3 days, and had significant ulcers and gastritis after a week.

As a result of this test and the observed symptoms the medical community accepted their findings. They were awarded a nobel prize, in '96 I think.

Comment: Unlikely to make a big difference (Score 3, Interesting) 56

by Harlequin80 (#49144769) Attached to: Patent Trolls On the Run But Not Vanquished Yet

It will just change some of the risk profiles taken on by the trolls. In the end they are staffed by lawyers where as their targets have to retain a lawyer, so their targets have to fund their defence right from the beginning and hope to win to get their money back. What you will see is an increase in out of court settlements ie. we will stop litigating you if you agree to settle this now for no money out of court. This would be very very tempting option if you saw the likely hood of thousands and thousands of dollars of legal costs ahead.

Comment: Re:Ummm - Use a commercial pasta machine.... (Score 1) 90

by Harlequin80 (#49142999) Attached to: 3D Printers Making Inroads In Kitchens

Maybe - but the TFA talked about things like stadiums where it is all about volume.

My experience of commercial kitchens has all been about doing your preparation early so you do as little cooking as possible at service time. So that means at 2 in the afternoon the junior chefs are doing one identical thing after another, be it making the pasta, or some fancy crystallised rose petals.

Comment: Re:Razer Forge TV (Score 1) 199

by Harlequin80 (#49142819) Attached to: The State of Linux Gaming In the SteamOS Era

I've used it fine for quite some time now. But the games I tend to play aren't too twitch intensive so perhaps that is why. I'm not using wireless either and have a managed switch that I put some tweaks into for steam.

I don;t notice the input lag even when playing fps games. But that could just be me getting old.

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