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Comment: Re:Three (Score 1) 674

by Harinezumi (#33099492) Attached to: How many languages do you speak on a daily basis?
Depends on the language. Knowing French helped me a great deal while I was learning English. Knowing French, English, and Russian didn't help me one whit while learning Japanese, except maybe with gairaigo. Knowing Japanese, though, would make for a pretty decent beachhead into Chinese, if I ever decided to take that leap, or at least the dialects that still use the traditional character sets.

Comment: Re:SSD (Score 1) 159

by Harinezumi (#32136894) Attached to: Vibration Killing Enterprise Disk Performance?
SSDs are clearly the storage technology of the future, no doubt about that. My 80GB X25-M is the best $300 I spent on on my computer.

Right now, though, while they are still an order of magnitude more expensive per terabyte than traditional enterprise drives, addressing vibration sounds like an ingenious and cost-effective way for companies to squeeze out more performance out of available technology.

Comment: Re:Anonymous isn;t really a group (Score 1) 235

by Harinezumi (#31123100) Attached to: Anonymous Speaks About Australian Gov't. Attacks
There is no one will in Anonymous, no more than there is a will in a beehive or in an anthill. There is simply a vast number of individuals, independently responding to stimuli based upon a common set of simple rules. These responses, however, do end up producing emergent behavior complex enough to be comparable to that of a unified will.

Comment: Re:When you don't understand something... (Score 1) 494

by Harinezumi (#30628434) Attached to: Novelist Blames Piracy On Open Source Culture
That performance has, however, already occurred. My decision to pay or not pay and my decision to experience the performance or not experience the performance have no impact on that particular performance or the ability of others to experience it. As such, no matter what I decide, I am not depriving anyone of anything they possessed or utilizing any kind of limited resource, and thus I cannot be said to have stolen anything from anyone.

When I approach a book, a game, or a music album, I acquire it in whichever manner is most convenient for me. If its quality is sufficient to make me interested in experiencing that creator's next performance, I make sure to pay for it if I haven't already, because I view it as a vote in favor of that type of content and a call for an encore from the performer.

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