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Comment: Re:Denying Catastrophism, not Science (Score 1) 718

by Hardhead_7 (#48636579) Attached to: Skeptics Would Like Media To Stop Calling Science Deniers 'Skeptics'
Here's the original Hocky Stick graph (in dark blue) compared to actual temperature measurements (in red). Keep in mind, this was made in the '80s, and our models are even better now. So, I assume you're done being a skeptic now?

Bwahahaha! Just kidding. I know you're really an ideologue pretending (how could you not be at this point?) to be "skeptical." This won't change anything.

Comment: Re: Established science CANNOT BE QUESTIONED! (Score 3, Informative) 718

by Hardhead_7 (#48633821) Attached to: Skeptics Would Like Media To Stop Calling Science Deniers 'Skeptics'
Wow, this is just a long list of completely false claims.
  • You've been told for 14 years it's going to end? No, it's just going to get really hot, and the truly bad stuff is at least 50 years away. Maybe a century. No one is predicting the world ending in 14 years.
  • Climate change models are pretty damned good. If anything, they've been underestimating sea level and temperature rise. You're confusing long-term global trends with local weather.
  • There was a Time magazine article in the 70s about some climate scientists that believed in cooling, and while it wasn't crackpock then, it wasn't the mainstream. Most scientists believed the Earth was warming even then. It was just with a 70% certainty instead of 97%. But man, conspiracy theorists love to trot out that one article and pretend it represented some kind of consensus. Try checking actual literature.
  • The hockey stick graph has been super acurate. In fact, we're trending along it's "worse case" line.
  • There's no hiatus, unless you mean that every year doesn't set a new record. Things are getting generally hotter as a trend, though.

Comment: Re: Established science CANNOT BE QUESTIONED! (Score 5, Insightful) 718

by Hardhead_7 (#48633221) Attached to: Skeptics Would Like Media To Stop Calling Science Deniers 'Skeptics'
Constantly questioning is running experiments, taking measurements, and trying to model the future and see how well it lines up with reality. Scientists are doing that all the time, and the result keeps being that climate scientists are as sure the Earth is warming as biologists are that animals are evolving.

When you deny the evidence, slander the scientists, buy into conspiracy theories, you're not honestly asking questions. You're "questioning" climate science the same way creationists "question" evolution.

Comment: Re: Patents (Score 1) 217

by Hardhead_7 (#48621305) Attached to: What Will Microsoft's "Embrace" of Open Source Actually Achieve?
It DOES run on Linux and Mac. Full Mono compatibility is coming with the next .Net release, and the next version of ASP .Net breaks dependency on System.Web. Want to create a MVC oe WebApi site that runs on Linux? No problem. They even have a tutorial on MSDN.

What Microsoft doesnâ(TM)t do, the community will be able to do easily, since the new compiler (Roslyn) is open source.

Comment: Re: Don't hear that it's just the Republicans at t (Score 1) 413

by Hardhead_7 (#48479185) Attached to: Mathematicians Study Effects of Gerrymandering On 2012 Election
Yes, let's not get partisan about the very partisan thing someone did. I mean, even though Democrats controlled the NC legislature for a century before the 2006 elections and the maps weren't particularly gerrymandered then.
br> "Both sides do it" is what cowards say when their side gets caught doing something.

Comment: Re: It's Man's Fault (Score 1) 695

Because to understand how to best fix a problem, you generally have to know what causes it. For instance, if it wasn't man-made, you have to come up with crazy expensive geoengineering projects. If not, hey, maybe installing a bunch more solar panels and wind turbines would help. Your argument is just deflection from your own ignorance. Also, you suck at troubleshooting.

Comment: Re: It's not technology that's the problem (Score 2) 236

by Hardhead_7 (#48102395) Attached to: Outsourced Tech Jobs Are Increasingly Being Automated
That's idiotic. Inflation is normal in a healthy economy. It's just that historically, both pay and prices have increased in tandem. During the Regan administration that changed, and wages started to lag, but lately that divergence has been accelerating. Inflation is still happening, but wages are stagnant. The issue isn't inflation - again, a little bit is normal and healthy - but lack of wage inflation.

Comment: Re: Motivated rejection of science (Score 5, Insightful) 661

Really? So, Anonymous Coward knows better than NASA and NOAA and the UN Panel on Cliamate Change? Oh, wait, maybe you don't have any f-ing clue what you're talking about, and the effects of Man-made climate change are radically different than natural variation.

Here's the thing, as you post on Slashdot, I'm going to assume you troubleshoot problems. Maybe it's network infrastructure, maybe it's software, maybe it's server administration. I don't know. But, do you really consider a problem "fixed" if you don't know the cause? If errors are getting thrown everywhere, do you apply band-aid fixes that "seem to work" but you don't know why? I do know those guys. You know what? They're fucking terrible at their jobs. Real troubleshooting is learning the root cause and fixing it. Even if you can't fix the root error directly, if you don't have a real understanding of it, you never know if your band-aids are gong to work.

When someone says "well who cares if it's man-made" or "it's really the alarmists that are the problem" or whatever, it's just another attempt to sow doubt on a model that is just as predictive as Evolution. It matters what caused it, because that influences how you fix it - for instance, if it's man-made, moving off coal power plants to solar, nuclear, wind, etc, is a huge help. So get a clue, stop sticking your head in the sand and changing the subject, and realize that man-made climate change is radically different than natural variation. Idiot.

Comment: Re: Motivated rejection of science (Score 5, Insightful) 661

Don't forget ideology. Get ready to read a bunch of posts from people who pride themselves on being scientific, but reject a theory that enjoys more support in climatology than the Standard Model does in physics. Just because they're conservative and it would be inconvenient for their politics.

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