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After dismantling one of my phones after a broken screen, higher pixel densities can probably be used to increase the resolution of projectors as well (most I come across don't pass 1024x768, the few that do are extremely expensive).

I'm concluding this after finding 3 layers in my phone's display, the digitizer then the screen and finally a backlight. I've been tempted to dismantle other screen of this type and get a 5W LED behind it to build my own projector, biggest problem was how to drive the display from something other than a phone.

Comment: Re:Why not limit them to one per customer? (Score 1) 131

by HappyPsycho (#47397295) Attached to: Oculus Suspends Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales In China

Actually, during the pre-release phase, they can and often will limit things to one per development shop until they have actually satisfied the other demand

In a pre-release phase, what other demand with there be? No consumers should be able to get it at that point. If Microsoft / Sony send a pre-release XBox / PS4 to some dev shop that is creating games for it they wouldn't be sending a single unit (how the hell would you test multiplayer?), also if the specs of the hardware change they have to send the updated hardware (where I believe the cost is covered by MS / Sony).

This isn't some large corporation which can absorb such costs, and they don't need the NDAs so you get to own the hardware and as they say at if you get a dev kit you are not automatically entitled to the newer versions.

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by HappyPsycho (#47397147) Attached to: Oculus Suspends Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales In China

If a one-per-customer is being enforced by requiring separate credit cards / e-mail / paypal addresses / street addresses you may need some external help.

Given the scalpers markup may not be that much per unit, they may need to get a certain number of units sold to validate investing both the cash and effort.

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by HappyPsycho (#47397079) Attached to: Oculus Suspends Oculus Rift Dev Kit Sales In China

Simple reason its a problem, they only have a certain number of of the units (these are dev kits not consumer units). These units are probably not being sold with a high profit margin.

They want these units to get to people who will either provide apps for it (e.g. ) or developer level feedback for bugs / improvements. When you are trying to get developers onboard with your platform and having scalpers doesn't help as it only increases the cost to develop for your platform.

Oculus isn't unique with this problem, I remember not getting a raspberry pi from the first batch yet finding it at 3-4 times the price on eBay (I had to wait a couple months for the next batch). Sadly, the same thing is going on with the beaglebone black atm.

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I don't believe you dealt with the GPs point, from what I'm reading in your post you have covered a normal ISP and (definition assumed from the GPs post) Tier 1 hosting (you put your own box in a cage at ISPs site).

If you buy a shared hosting account the ISP is hosting the content on their machines and based on your statement is not eligible for the protections you describe.

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What legal argument do you have against google in this case?

Google is not the one abusing the EU law here, the tons of takedown submitters are.

I take issue with the spokesman's comment "not a good judgement", last I checked Google is not in the business of making judgements (and I'm happy they aren't), that is the job of a Judge. Prior to the ruling that started this whole mess, if google got a court order for a link or group of links to be taken down based on whatever law it was taken down. The EU is effectively trying to push the cost of enforcing this law onto google.

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If a a Google robot defames somebody

I'm not following you here, how is the robot defaming anyone? It did not write the article on said person.

I also don't agree this has anything to do with automation, if say wikipedia had a page that listed the CEOs of Merrill Lynch (and say included their most notable achievements / scandals) and this guy invoked his right to be forgotten there would be a gaping hole in that list (they didn't have a CEO from year X to Y?). If they put down something else and someone came across the scandal would anyone care that the right to be forgoten was invoked or would they just say that wikipedia is inaccurate?

I'd object to it even more than with automation because someone spent quite a bit of time researching and fact checking that data which is now wasted.

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by HappyPsycho (#47325143) Attached to: Tech Workforce Diversity At Facebook Similar To Google And Yahoo

Remembering (early 2000s) my comp sci classes (and to a lesser degree higher math) I was pretty heavily outnumbered (compared to my classmates back then I'm black), the few girls in class had it even worse. As soon as I went to one of my electives (even something science like Bio or Chem) the makeup changed, e.g. enter the arts department and I was once again outnumbered but then again so were the white dudes (mostly women with a decent mix but still dominated by white chicks).

While I have no issues with diversity (I stand to benefit), I fail to see how facebook and family can do much about this other than they are currently doing (the various competions or They could just hire the applicable minorities and have them stand around just to make up numbers, but I don't think that helps anyone.

I guess in their defense these companies should post the matching numbers of the diversity of the applicants, problem is that is near impossible due to not everyone gets called in for an interview and it would most definitely get called racist to require your resume to include your skin color (sex can probably be guessed with a high degree of accuracy).

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GP is actually correct. This is not even a full quantum computer.

"The D-Wave machine is not a universal quantum computer, however, but a more limited "quantum annealer."", which according to wikipedia seems to mean some sort of global minimum finder (given how to find all the local minimum solutions, find the lowest one).

With a mere 512 quibits available on the D-Wave device I'm more than willing to believe they may be still in the area of small inputs where an O(n) algorithm can still beat an O(log n) algorithm (e.g. )

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by HappyPsycho (#47156821) Attached to: Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

I can carry my music collection around on my phone (It doesn't fit on internal storage especially after I install a few large games e.g. plants vs zombies is 374MB). I use Osmand+ which allows me to have offline maps, the data file for Florida is 120MB, california is near 400M and will only increase as the Open street maps data gets more detailed (I had no data connections while I was visiting the US, prepaid data is very expensive).

One of my co-workers has 2 kids and having elmo or some movie available on his phone is probably the only reason he still has hair. Streaming for him is not an option as we are not in the US where 4g (or decent data connection) is available when you are not at home or by a friend (The last time his wife went to the DMV with them was not a fun experience, she is ecstatic that one is now in kindergarden).

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