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by HappyHead (#47401109) Attached to: TSA Prohibits Taking Discharged Electronic Devices Onto Planes
If it's any consolation, China and Saudi Arabia still have tourist industries too, so there will always be somebody willing to brave the security theater and increasing chance of being arrested for offenses they aren't allowed to know about.

I actually knew someone whose idea of a great vacation was to go visit places like Libya and Yemen. We always accused him of being a secret government agent because there was usually a war in whatever middle-eastern country he visited within a month of his trip, occasionally starting while he was still there.

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by HappyHead (#47399711) Attached to: TSA Prohibits Taking Discharged Electronic Devices Onto Planes
About 14 years ago (yeah, before the 9/11 crap) I had to go on a flight into the US, and the laptop I had with me had a dead battery, but the customs/airport agents (were they even the TSA back then?) allowed me to just plug it into the outlet at the inspection station. They did however, have a rule that they had to verify that any carry-on electronics were actually working before they were allowed onto the plane, even in 2000.

The inspectors I had probably not typical though, especially now, since not only were they polite, they also thanked me for cooperating, and let me on the plane _before_ the first class people got to board. As we were wrapping up, they actually used a pair of six-sided dice to decide how many people to skip before the next person got inspected. (They rolled a 3 and inspected this little old lady who looked about 80. She also got on the plane before first class boarded.)

Why can't we have TSA agents like them anymore? Polite, explaining what they were doing and why, and actually random in their random inspections, rather than "that guy looks suspicious, we'll do him".

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Yup, and we'll get hit even worse with it next year when it's on a Wednesday - at least this year some employers gave their staff the Monday off to join the Tuesday of Canada Day. Next year? Not going to happen.

Of course, the Americans get to have the same problem in 2017/2018 when July 4th is on a Tuesday/Wednesday, and Canada day will instead be ... on the weekend, causing some of our employers to not give us time off at all.

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The neat thing about the English language is that it has it's own built-in excuse for massively varying dialects and accents. Adding "ish" on the end of a word in English generally means "bares some vague resemblance to, but probably isn't actually the same as". Kinda like saying "Well, what we did was legal-ish", or "it looks kinda brownish". When we say we're speaking English, we're saying what we are speaking is "kinda sorta vaguely, but not quite exactly like what they speak in England". Thus, what they speak in Newfoundland is totally Engl-ish.

Technically, under those rules, Quebec "French" is also more Engl-ish than it is France-ish, but don't tell them that, it'll just upset them.

Yes, I did completely make that up on the spot, but it's a real-ish explanation.

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And that's with oversight and real-time news reporting. Can you imagine the havoc we'll create when politicians and the media are 220 million light years away?

Are you kidding? Half of that havoc was because of the media coverage making soldiers want to show off and look tough, and politicians sending screwed up orders based on their personal (and highly uninformed) biases. (The other half was just because that's what "organized" militaries do. The unorganized ones are even worse.) That's okay though, any exploratory/colonial/invasion force sent out by earth will likely carry politicans and media with it to turn things into a messed up circus as well.

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You do realize that Facebook has fallen in popularity a lot since things like Linkedin and G+ came into existence, right? Those things weren't always around, and before they existed, a lot of places would demand access to their potential employees' facebook pages. There were even slashdot articles about what to do when an employer demanded access to your facebook password, like this one and this one

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Neah, I had a networked camera to watch the place - every time I checked, all day long, he was in front of the TV staring at it, or looking around the side of it. It was like it was hypnotic or something. When he got into mischief while I was away (without the TV on), it would be pretty obvious. Torn open and empty dog food bin, (and a dog who couldn't walk properly because his stomach was so full - that was a fun explanation at the Vet.) all of the blankets from my bed dragged out into the hallway, or an Irish Setter stuck up on the kitchen table and unsure how to get back down. Fun stuff.

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