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Comment Re:Adapt GitHub To Other Uses (Score 1) 145

Working with a big MS Word document with a group of people using the "track changes" feature is a lot more painful than sharing a software project between a bunch of developers.

Well to be fair that's because you're using it wrong. For the use case you just gave you should be using Sharepoint instead. All that being said, there's other, much better ways of handling this same problem... confluence and google docs just to name a couple.

Just imagine if all the bills that were written were entered into a source control system with hourly commits before they were voted for in Congress. I would be much nicer if people were able to easily see what changed as the bill approached the floor for voting. It would be a lot harder to slip things in at the last moment.

While I love this idea I'll put money down on the table right now betting that if implemented, and all other things being equal, it still won't change the status quo in Washington.

Comment Re:Trading one set of problems for another (Score 1) 842

Californian native here. Can confirm.

Any city in California that has jobs that support wages of $100k+ have houses that cost $700k and up. Everything else in those areas cost more too, including rent, food, gas and sales taxes. Even at $100k/yr you're still looking at a $140k down payment to save for while paying higher rates for everything else. Start saving early in life or you're screwed.

Comment Re:A consulting agreement (Score 1) 203

There's really two problems with consulting for the old company. Firstly it's just going to be distracting to the process of acclimating to your new role, company and peers. Secondly it does not sound like, in general, the company is very efficient to begin with. It may take much longer than anyone expects to find and hire a replacement. As time progresses many of the minute details of that knowledge will fade.

Documentation and email never forgets the details you put in them. Create a backup and give it to your manager. If you do insist on any consulting make sure its limited in scope to explaining something in the documentation you left and that your agreement terminates in 30 days.

Comment Re:Sad to hear... (Score 1) 123

More realistically, the cost of the PS TV is $89 for the controller bundle. But your main point stands, of course...

I have an Ouya. It's an okay emulator I guess. Nothing about it is spectacular and the controller is downright awful. It's pretty much mandatory to replace the stock Ouya controller with a DS3 anyway... So the real cost for the Ouya is more like $140, making something that's $90 a lot more attractive for sure. Aside from the terrible selection and overall bugginess of the games the controller is my biggest gripe. I get that this was a small team who put this together, with a limited budget ( comparatively ), and tight deadlines... but it's supposed to be a console for christ sake, at least make a decent controller! A PSTV is probably a better choice, even though I'm not really a huge fan of most of the PSP/PS1 games, I'm sure I'd have found more quality selection over the quirky and limited Ouya store.

In the end it was a neat gadget. I probably got my $100 value out of it. My overall ambivalence towards the Ouya will probably sway me away from similar gadgets in the future, including the PS TV, for better or worse... I'll just stick to proper consoles for a while.

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