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Comment: Re:Negative reactions (Score 1) 701

by Happler (#40249951) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Teaching Chemistry To Home-Schooled Kids?

Are you sure that the child in question lives in the UK? Does it state that anywhere in the posting? Or are you just assuming the location of the child based off of the screenname of the grandparent?

I think that the suggestion is to go to a local university to locate tutors and teaching help for the child, not to enroll the child in the Uni.

Personally, I read enough slashdot to know better then the AC on the reactions here. There are few places with more flaming.

Comment: they use GoDaddy... (Score 2) 419

by Happler (#38508770) Attached to: PR Firm Unwisely Tangles With Penny Arcade

Since uses GoDaddy, and the story of Weebly's fun with GoDaddy, maybe we just need to complain to GoDaddy to get the DNS for OceanMarketing removed..

For those who do not know, here is the weebly story:

Comment: Re:Verizon does enable tethering (Score 1) 190

by Happler (#36363170) Attached to: Advocacy Group Files FCC Complaint Over Verizon Tethering Ban

Why does it matter what types of 1's and 0's I send over the air? Is it a big difference when I send 1's and 0's from my laptop as opposed to my cell phone? After all, I am still limited to the same speed and volume....

If I have paid for data, I would like to use data, thankyou.

Comment: Re:Brevity, Brevity, Brevity!! (Score 1) 153

by Happler (#35711966) Attached to: Book Review: 15 Minutes Including Q&A

At the same time, in-depth info should be made available on request. Too many times have people built slide decks as the whole of their presentation and totally forgot that there are some people who either by want or need, will request much more info then can be presented in a deck or during the Q&A.

Comment: Re:From having read TFA... (Score 1) 806

by Happler (#30765422) Attached to: Does Your PC Really Need a SysRq Button Anymore?

See, the removing the default F* keys and making me do a Fn+F* to use it bothers me more then the Sysreq key. I use the F* keys a lot on all my keyboards.

And BTW, using Apple as an example for what is right is questionable.Remember, long ago, they decided that end users did not need the ability to right click...

Comment: Re:The status quo (Score 1) 426

by Happler (#29288621) Attached to: Major ISPs Seek To Lower Broadband Definition

Unlimited? Comcast yells if you download/upload too much in one month. Note, that the limit is high (currently 250GB/month) but the fact that there is a limit, is by default not "unlimited". That does limit my effective speed to 768 kbps (96 kBps) which is "slightly" lower then the 12 Mbps (1536 kBps) in download speeds that they sell.

What it really comes down to, is that Comcast is doing both. They are limiting the amount you get per month, and the speed you get it at.

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