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Comment Re:Yeah, but that just means... (Score 2) 179

Climate change skepticism?

There can never be too much skepticism.

As evidence piles up there comes a point when you're simply using "scepticism" as an excuse to refuse to believe a conclusion you don't like. For climate change, that point went a long time ago. What ever reasons drive climate change "sceptics", they have nothing to do with science.

Comment Re:We have given megaphones to (Score 1) 179

To be heard, you now have to shout louder and 10x more irrationally than everyone else.

Is the current issue so important that you have to win, even at the cost of making the world a less rational place? No? Then don't shout. Instead, calmly explain your viewpoint. That way you advance the cause of solving disputes through rational discourse rather than shouting the loudest, which should result in the world becoming a better place overall since being rational helps us make decisions that get us what we want and avoid things we don't.

You can't win a war if you obsess over individual battles.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 218

We have elections because they are meaningless. Show me one country where there is a party that actually has a chance to become part of a government that would change the status quo.

Show me a single democratic country where the voters agree which way the status quo should be changed. It seems to me that status quo rarely changes a lot in a single election because it already reflects a decent compromise between the interests of various people, organizations and ideals that make up a nation.

It's not the mirror's fault that what it reveals leaves a lot to be desired.

Comment Much todo about zip--ConsoleKit2 is also supported (Score 5, Informative) 746


First, only an idiot would want a monoculture, particularly in the Linux world, so to those saying "just to systemd full bore or go to (someplace else)" the rest of us need to respond with a very loud and resounding: Fuck You.

That said, things aren't nearly as dire as this post implies. Reading from the responses to the bug he himself linked to, I find the following:

> Unless KDE is prepared to make a statement that it depends on systemd

of course not. Powerdevil recently also gained support for ConsoleKit2, see:

Which turns it into a distro problem. Your distribution configured the system in a way that suspend/hibernate is broken. It doesn't come with any of the supported solutions Plasma provides. Which makes it a distro problem. The distro integrates various parts of the software stack. This includes it's the distro's task to ensure that components work together. It failed here by ripping out systemd and replace it with well nothing.

So while I'm sure the systemd zealots would love to see KDE, Gnome3, etc. only work with systemd and drop support for all other distros, this doesn't appear to be happening. In the case of KDE, ConsoleKit2 is supported (and therefor Funtoo, Gentoo, Arch with OpenRC, etc. will continue to work just fine).

Comment Re:China, N. Korea are the target market (Score 1) 137

So, thinking of this as a phone specifically enabled with spying capabilities as a feature you're right, the logical customer for such a phone is an oppressive government.

Or a company. Having everything done with the phone recorded could easily become a hit amongst the control freak wing of the HR.

Comment Re:Apple Music (Score 2) 461

Regarding google, if a UI would require you to go to a google search each time you needed to figure out how to do something, would you call this intuitive or discoverable?

As it happens, every machine requires you to RTFM or risk ending up on one of those funny home video tv programs (or the emergency room). The idea that computers, which are easily the most complex machines humanity currently has, should be the exception is utterly delusional.

As it also happens, Google exists and is accessible from that very same computer you're trying to figure out. So how about just making the UI powerful and easily googlable?

Comment Re:Unbelievable (Score 1) 592

You're confused. That's a leftist thing. The socialists are the ones that, given enough power, do things like wall up Berlin to prevent people from leaving their collectivist paradise, or jail people from attempting to leave the socialist paradise that is Cuba.

Or Nordic welfare countries, those hellholes with free education and public healthcare. You are the one confusing authoritarian sociopaths with socialism. And if you don't stop believing propaganda which tries to tar pretty much any attempt to improve people's lives as somehow evil, you're going to get a hands-on demonstration of what's it like to live in a right-wing dictatorship.

If you can't muster the energy necessary to understand the difference between keeping people from illegally walking INTO your country, vs. using force to prevent them from fleeing from collectivist tyranny, then please don't do anything reckless like voting.

A wall built for one purpose will work just as fine for the other. Just like surveillance systems built to catch terrorists will work perfectly fine to keep tabs on you, too.

The gent who wakes up and finds himself a success hasn't been asleep.