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Comment Re:What About Nutrition? (Score 1) 76

The article (or shall I say shameless advertisement) goes out of its way to talk about how much they shower the growing plants with "nutrients," but says not one iota about the nutritional content of the final product and how it compares to organic or conventionally grown produce.

How could any of these be different? Salad is a living creature, not a dish made by a cook. The only things that can change are the relative abundances of various cell types (and lots of variance there means the salad will simply die instead of growing), and what extra crap - herbicide, bird poop, etc - gets a ride to your stomach on it (where a sealed building is pretty much unbeatable).

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 191

At the end of the day the internal practice of a company is your business in the way that you can choose to avoid buying their products. In my opinion steeping to their level by not being just is encouraging people to do that to all companies good or bad.

It sucks to realize your cunning plan depended on other people not reacting to your defections in ways you don't want them to, doesn't it? But the only effective response to realizing bad karma actually hurts is not to blame karma, or your victims, or even anyone who sees those victims and decides you're fair game, but to change your actions.

I'd say "welcome to real life", but like I pointed out before, even fairy tales do keep pointing this out.

Comment Re:Go talk to Spamhaus (Score 1) 103

Sorry, I don't see that. There's no paper trail at all. Neither the hosting company nor the RBL have any access to anything concrete other than the sender IP. You could certainly try contacting the postmaster, hope the range is owned by someone reputable, and ask for details, but good luck getting that. For example, in Europe data protection law would prevent that company giving out details of a customer they've hosted that was spamming to a third party (even if they are spammers, they can terminate them certainly, but you won't get the info you need).

Europe doesn't have subpoenas and courts? If there's a sustained campaign to interfere with your business and defame it unfairly that's not punishable by civil and criminal penalties?

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 1) 77

I doubt it's a Dell SAN, it's MUCH more likely they're using EMC object storage with bring your own hardware (aka ECS) or something similar. Storing lots of large video files with retention metadata and access control just screams object storage (frankly one of the few things that does).

Comment Re:Go talk to Spamhaus (Score 1) 103

RBLs generally aren't used to outright block mail. A responsible mail host will assign a score (using something like SpamAssassin) to different traits. Presence on a particular blacklist is worth a certain number of points on that score. Other things like what's in the subject line, whether the server connecting to your server is following the RFCs strictly, the Bayesian analysis of the message vs. spam received in the past, and stuff like that feeds into the score.

This will mostly make messages from your domain or about your domain score higher in these spam filter.

The decision to actually kick a domain off of hosting is a final and drastic step taken by actual people. It will involve the hosting company notifying the domain's owner a number of times about the spamvertising if the spam isn't coming directly from them. The hosting company will check the WHOIS for where the spam is coming from to see if it's something obvious like the same company or the same physical postal address as the site being advertised. They'll contact the admin of the IP range sending the spam and get the IP range added to IP RBLs along the way, too, so just spamming from one place won't keep the site being spamvertised.

If there's a pattern of this happening and it's not the site owner doing it, then there's a strong paper trail about who is doing it. Getting to the point of kicking someone off is pretty rare, but it is an option in the end for the hosting company if it keeps happening. The hosting company can't afford to get all of its IPs blacklisted, after all, because of a few problem users. Usually this does turn out to be the site owner's own doing, but if it isn't and they still get kicked, it sucks but there are always other hosting companies.

Comment Re:Go talk to Spamhaus (Score 1) 103

Anti-spam blacklists do blacklist the domain and the IP thats host the web sites within that domain when a domain is advertised in spam messages. It's known in the industry as "spamvertising". It can get a domain kicked off of hosting if the email is clearly spam and advertises the domain even if the spam was sent through another company.

Comment Re:Go talk to Spamhaus (Score 1) 103

The specific host that sent it to your mail server is the only one in the email headers that can really be trusted to be real, and that's because of your own mail server logging that it received the connection from there. Let them defend themselves to Spamhaus, SpamCop, or whoever else. There are methods established for them to do that. They then provide logs showing how it got through their servers and explain what they are doing to minimize that sort of traffic.

Comment Re:So can I sell my used copy? (Score 1) 191

And what, they should work for free?

I dunno, have EA and friends started paying overtime yet?

Robbers getting scammed isn't going to get much sympathy, especially when they're themselves trying to scam the public out of their resale rights. Let the games industry become respectable if they want to be treated with respect; and if they continue acting like a bunch of evil overlords, they should bloody well expect the public to side with the rogues looting their ill-gotten gains - their very products depict excactly that scenario over and over again.

But I guess no one likes admitting they are the villain in their own story.

Comment Everything in your life will be a governance gizmo (Score 4, Insightful) 147

I've been trying to keep my job skills fresh so I can keep up with the "next big thing". But I'll be damned if I can figure out what the hell IoT really is and why it's taking off. Yes, I know it's connecting things to the internet. But to what end?

It will allow Apple, Microsoft, Google, the US Government, and others to turn every device in your home into a governance/surveillance device. It won't just be your TV watching you a la 1984, it will be your thermostat, your keyboard, your couch, your bedside lamp, hell, not just your bed but your baby's crib and the baby's rattle.

That is why they are so keen on the "Internet of Things." What? You thought it was to benefit you? Really? Then I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

Comment Re:It's a hacked Deja Vu (Score 1) 210

I'm unconcerned with the 'i'. I like the changes to underscore, parentheses, and '0'. With Hack someone might actually be able to convince me that spaces after the opening parenthesis and before the closing parenthesis don't help legibility too much. With most fonts, I really like those extra spaces.

Comment Re:SubjectsInCommentsAreStupid (Score 1) 210

There's no external kerning. In a monospace font all the font spacing is designed into the typeface. People are saying the fonts are not positioned properly in their monospaced boxes, running together or leaving too large of gaps. Its end result is very similar to bad kerning.

Comment Re:Here's the article (Score 1) 210

There are definitely similarities. I was just looking at it side by side with Monaco (which was my terminal and coding font already, so I have a vested interest in comparison) and with Menlo, though. There are similarities but I don't think it would be confused with either of them. Plus, it doesn't seem Monaco has multiple faces whereas Hack has regular, bold, oblique, and bold oblique. Those aren't as important if you're only using it for source, but reading text in the terminal the difference can be noticeable.

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